Afro B’s rise to acclaim has been nothing short of spectacular, bringing a colourful vibrance and raw energy to the music scene that can’t go unnoticed. An artist of Sierra Leonean decent but hailing from London, Afro B has infused the creative spirit of his ancestral heritage and his development through the grass roots of British curation to bring together something new and refreshing, generating a new wave of interest that forms the correct suitability to be called nothing other than  an ‘Afrowave’. Marbek has been a clear example over the years of producing new and authentic waves, always staying true to culture and its foundational base in grass root upbringing. Thus, it was more than special for us as a team at Marbek to see Afro B donning none other than one of our pieces at one of the biggest cultural events out there, the BET awards.



Afro B wore a customised Marbek black utility vest designed by artist Boresa Kotomah (@bkofficial) which featured a red, yellow and white design African pattern, styled upon the vest trimmings and pockets through intricate embroidery.  It’s exciting to see how well Marbek is being received by artists as a place where they can rely on Marbek to not only hone in on their artistic appearance but also help exemplify and spread their message. The images of Afro B wearing our Marbek piece brings through not only the flair and flagrance of what Afro B does sonically but also personifies his heart-warming personality, and just how well he touches an audience – the achievement of performing on a BET awards stage is no doubt a result of this. Marbek will be sure to continue singing and dancing along with him in the big and near future to come!


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