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ART BASEL: Miami Beach 2016

Art Basel, a cultural art convention that was founded in the 1970’s and a movement that prides itself on showcasing the work of the worlds art community. Held in three cities: Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, Art Basel teams with parallel exhibitions in its host city presenting cultural events.

 2016 saw Marbek at Miami Beach’s Art Basel, the sister fair to the original held in Basel, Switzerland. Creative Director, Ladi Alexander recaps:


“Art Basel was amazing because you have so many people from different parts of the world who have common interests, it can be anything from fashion to art, music or culture. Everyone comes together and basically connects, of course everyones has their own take on different things and elements of this industry, in that, what art means from all over the world. There were pop ups and pretty cool events, it was just a great networking experience, you get to see how other people put things together, so much creative energy, cool ideas, and cool installations.”



Check out some of our highlights down below