Tagging Up Carnival Weekend with a Hot One!



With the much-anticipated festivities of Carnival arriving in the smouldering heat, the launch of our latest capsule collection as a part of Marbek's Spring/Summer 2019 Range has come at no better time!

Off the back of the high energy and fun that Carnival never fails to provide we have managed to mould and bridge the appeal of creation that such an authentic cultural event brings, shining a light on the heritage of the London’s streets in which Marbek grew from. Teaming up with Shoreditch founded creative space, “Not Just Another Store”, we took over the space on the 23rd August 2019 in light of Carnival weekend with a Pre-Carni warm up and in celebration of our new Marbek capsule collection. With the collection lacking no sense of identity being titled ‘SPRAY’ it reflects London's unmissable GrAffiti glazed landscape – taking inspiration from the free flowing unconfined canvas’s of art portrayed on London’s city walls which symbolise the pursuit of creativity as a release, to do what you want and when you feel. Taking this rebellious action is nothing short of a risk yet it is within that risk that we find freedom – that’s why we embark, it is the reason why Marbek is here today.


The Marbek event held true to the heritage and the raw talent on the scene gathering in household names with the event hosted by the one and only Ms Banks, with sounds & vibes curated by a line up of London's soaring female DJ's. With the musical offerings of none other than the Beats by Dre DJ & Host Lily Mercer, the incredible Soraya & Joce Wavy all night accompanied by complimentary drinks – you can be sure that the vibe was more than right!

Having the current collection be inspired by the urban graffiti-ridden landscape that immerses Marbek's store in the rich tradition of the art we see all around us on a daily basis, we wanted to bring that dynamism to life by activating a live graffiti installation and artworks with renowned Graffiti artist 'ENIPS'.  Guests at the Marbek Pre-Carni warm-up event were able to tag up, get creative and leave their mark! Loose, unfiltered and unrestricted direct engagement with the limited release of this collection pays homage and references the astonishing Graffiti & Spray paint artworks that can be seen constantly splattered across our London streets but yet can be gone and covered by tomorrow, emphasising the versatile nature and engagement of art within the city, which is also testament to Marbek as a brand – a place of ongoing new creation.

- M . A . R . B . E . K  -