Embarking in Isolation

Embarking in Isolation


During this isolation period many of us may get into a bit of drab from time to time with a lack of activity to step out for. However, here at Marbek we aim to keep spirits high and positive and are always looking for ways to uplift ourselves, never backing down from our ethos to embark no matter the circumstance. As a result, we’ve put together a few pieces to jostle and inspire your mood. We have played with the imagination and brought about a dab of flair to what may be currently a monotonous experience, and have instead chose to make the most of what can be an opportune creative moment for us all with all the added extra time on hands.



First up we have the Camo set. A flagrant outfit that invites you to get lost amongst the patterns in a state of pure comfort. Accompanied with a fresh break in colour, the camo set is styled with our latest graphic tee designs of your favourite Dragon-ball Z characters. This one sees a Goku on a black tee, finished with a cap to crown the look and a black and white Diamonds logo cap that does well to present a relaxing fit.




Here we have a logo emblazoned knitwear piece with a rolled neck. This cosy and warm piece is an isolation perfect offering whilst still tipping into the field of class. A Sophisticated rendition of Marbek's more casual knitwear pieces, this piece can be styled with our infamous Menace Track pants with racing stripe for in home day/evening wear. An all-round fix in stylish yet casual wear.  




Finally, a specialised for piece for Women comes through in our full knitwear set. Exquisitely put together to wrap up a sense of sure comfort that can also be stylishly worn for exercise due to its breathable yarn of knitted cotton. This piece is a sure win in keeping the individual light yet secure whether taking the dog for a walk or snuggling up on the sofa, simple and graceful in all occasions.