Marbek is a modern day / contemporary streetwear label from the canal sides of London’s Camden Town. Born in London, expressing the brands personality and culturally weaved DNA, Marbek reflects the modern day and humbles itself from their rock solid artist foundations and flying the flag for the dreamful youth. The brand created an eclectic feel and transcends classic menswear tailoring with a streetwear attitude resulting in uncompromised fashion. 

It’s name spawned from the optimistic word of ‘EMBARK’, Marbek titled by it’s creative director Ladi Coker spoke of wanting to embark on a journey to catapult design and fashion into a new direction. Founded in 2015, the streetwear brand has soared in appraisal as well as growing with it to consistently stay ahead of the trend and provide forward-thinking, aesthetically pleasing and aspirational fashion. 

Marbek calls on Camden Town as it’s home, a full operating flagship store, head office & showroom space. Catering for the brands loyal fans and consumers. 16-25 y/o aspiring dreamers, talented creative minds and fashion fuelled style icons. Hip-Hop is our heartbeat we bang the same beat to their drum. Marbek has built priceless and invaluable relationships with this generations leading artists, rappers, musicians and creative minds like Wizkid, Rich The Kid, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Naira Marley, Tory Lanez & Yxng Bane to name a few.



Spearheading through the UK's fast-growing streetwear scene in 2014 with the mission statement of taking people on a journey through fashion. Trendsetters Marbek have embedded inspirations from High-end quality and streetwear design, the brand finds the balance in making pieces that make people look effortlessly confident & in line with contemporary fashion trends. Marbek, for its first-ever time, took the step across the water and arrived with a refined mission to make noise, with that distinctive London magic. Broad-minded and remaining obsessed with youth culture, the brand committed to making their presence known, seeking interest into Paris' runaway fashion kids and cultural leaders, you see the brand being sported by a full street cast consisting of ambitious fashion hungry models, Parisian culture-shaping music artists. Marbek's nod to the warmer months with a strong Spring / Summer 19 collection that was inspired by classic silhouettes with the desire to replenish and stimulate essential pieces such as the timeless coach jacket, a refined tracksuit the archive raincoat which is undoubtedly iconic pieces both for Marbek and anybody who can appreciate style standout pieces include a Corduroy and buttoned-down, arc logo baseball jersey, a deconstructed plaid shirt, longlined, hooded seasonal raincoat, waterproof branded pullover, and a simplistic twin tracksuit.





186 Royal College St, London NW1 9NN
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