Marbek in Syria

Marbek in Syria

Marbek has had the pleasure of recently teaming up with an emphatic crew of compassionate individuals know as Live Updates Syria, who is by their own description:

“a frontline aid organisation working in the heart of Syria. Venturing where many others fear to go.”

Well in our meeting with them, this statement held more than true. With their mission statement reflecting that of Marbeks ethos to embark

“Venturing where many other fear to go”

we were drawn to the passionate will of their group, as they strive to help others who are not afforded certain privileges many of us take for granted. They connect and engage with people who suffer in the face of evil in their everyday walk of life; confronted by the atrocities’ that inflict a war torn country.

Therefore it was with heartfelt content that members of the Syrian community via Marbek sponsorship were able to be offered haircuts, a shower and then led on to be fitted in the freshest Marbek apparel. It was clear to see after their provision, their rise in self-esteem from the exuberance of their smiles and uplifted energy – to quote Tox from Live Updates Syria:

“Charity is not just about giving things out but giving a unique experience”.

We at Marbek were happy to be part of this experience and continue to pray and hold the courageous people of Syria within our hearts for the betterment of their beautiful Country.