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MARBEK MOVEMENT: Truck Store Launch.

 Late 2016 saw the launch of Marbek’s very own Truckstore event, a movement that focused on giving fans and and lovers of the brand a chance to meet and mingle with the influencers and energy of the company. 


One segment of the Truckstore movement was Marbek’s ‘Car Meet’, a feature that exhibited a convoy of Marbek marked super cars in collaboration with Yiannimize.  


Alongside that, was also a Marbek head office based pop up store, for buyers wishing to immerse themselves in the full brand experience. Marbek Influencers were present on the day, with artists ranging from Mercston, Ms Banks, to Notes and Tizzy Music, aswell as Viners/ Instagrammers and comedians such as Tonio Skits and Juhahn Jones. 


The Truckstore launch carried a cool flow, with good vibes, great music and the company and presence of various creatives who continue to inspire and build alongside Marbek. The idea behind the launch was to give people in different locations a chance to be involved and indulge in the brand. It is a moving store, which entirely illustrates the identity of Marbek, an energy of journeying, movement, venture and fluidity.




Check out the vibes down below…