Tapes X Marbek present 'The British Takeover'

Tapes X Marbek present 'The British Takeover'

Tapes X Marbek present 'The British Takeover'

It’s been a highly eventful period for the Marbek team as of late with current events still in full swing in the latter half of the year. Our latest campaign saw us present an exclusive pop up show in collaboration with Tapes UK at the biggest urban music festival in America, the A3C Festival & Conference.

This festival brings together a series of astounding performances and awe-inspiring experiences from over 1,000 artists and speakers celebrating hip-hop's past, present and future. Its mission being to connect, educate and inspire the next-generation of innovators and entrepreneurs shaping the future - something of course Marbek had to be a part of!

Having aspirations of our own to delve deeper into the communal aspect of our culture in hopes of broadening the horizon of opportunity for us all, we were enabled in our attendance to this event to allow this aspiration to work in full affect. This came about by us having the opportunity for us to showcase some of our very own remarkable UK talent with a 'British Takeover' with the likes of musicians such as Knucks, Young Fume, Lioness, DJ Biggoss, Miss Lafamilia all performing astounding sets - followed by the unforgettable producer sets from Young Eye, Sean Murdz, and Amos. All performed astonishingly well to bring an American crowd a taste of the amazing artistry the UK has to offer.

Marbek pop up pieces were curatively designed across the music room were the showcase took place, highlighting our graffiti capsule now in stores. This use of creative design through the reference of graffti artwork brought about a gritty and raw essence to the event - putting artistry at the forefront and representing unapologetic expression, something the visuals to event show all who came gained a buzz off of!

We'd like to say a give a big shout and thank you to media personality and entertainment host Anisa Brenee, who hosted the event spectacularly! 

Also a big shout and thank you also goes to PRS foundation who sponsored the event.

Being the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development, they have been fundamental in the process of achieving dreams for not only ourselves but for many creatives and artists alike.

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