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Marbek Distressed caps are classically designed with the brand's iconic embroidered M logo. Adding to the design are with abrasions that are unique to each hat providing a stylish and affordable solution that blends perfectly with a wide range of occasions, whether semi-formal or out on the town with friends.

The easily adjusted snap strap keeps the hat securely in place and allows for multiple ways for it to sit and give the wearer their own unique look. Made of 100% cotton, with strong stitching, it is a constructed using the finest materials that are made to last. Available in a range of colours from white, red, orange, yellow, blue and black, its well-vented design allows for comfort while affording protection due to its accommodating brim.

Taken from the originating baseball cap, the distressed hat is meant to be a fashion statement, one that is laid back yet shows a certain sophistication in style and merit. It is the perfect solution for the urban adventurer to those looking for urban streetwear and will complement most wardrobe combinations.

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