Chino Pants

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The Chino pant is a staple in most men’s wardrobe and an important part of completing and complementing an outfit. Slim fit in design, the cotton fabric used in the Marbek chino pant is both durable, comfortable and comes in different sizes. The added comfort in its design is accentuated by its practicality with pockets in the front and back to allow for ample storage when out on the town, at the office or lounging around the home.

The durable construction and use of steel zippers only add to the strength and comfort afforded by our chino pant. Traditionally, the chino pant was produced in earth tones, but as fashion gained momentum, it saw the use of bright, colourful fabrics becoming popular. This has seen the popularity of the chino grow as it provides a wider range of options when pairing the chino pant with other clothing.

History of the Chino Pant

The Chino pant was originally developed during the mid-nineteenth century for the use of soldiers in the French and British military. However, since its early days, it has gone from being military wear to being part of many civilian wardrobes. The original design was purposely created with earth-tone colours but transcended to it being camouflaged in appearance due to its use in the military.

As it gained popularity in America, the name “chino” was chosen due to the material in its construction coming from China, the name remains as such today, even though its origins are racially demeaning to some degree. Its most popular colour remains light brown as it is deemed to go with most outfits for both men and women.

What Are Chinos?

A Chino pant, or “Chinos” as they are known, are a military style trouser. First worn by those in the military, they are made using light-weight cotton and are informal in appearance than jeans or dress pants.

Chinos are features in an ever-increasing number of colours that allow users to distinguish themselves in a populated crowd and have quickly become a fashion choice for the young, hip and for those who are on-the-go.

Chino Pant Features

The chino has many wonderful features that give this style of pant its favourable design. The style of fit can either be loose or slim and includes pockets on the front and back of the pant, as well as pockets on the sides of each pant leg. Designed with a steel zipper for durability and long-term performance, the strong belt loops provide additional comfort and style.

Caring for chino is easy and require cold water washing and natural drying. This is perfect for those who are active outdoors, like to camp or engage in bushcraft activities. Alternatively, the chino can be dried using low heat settings.


The zipper in the Marbek chino is made of steel nickel and is designed to interlock to create a closure that is continuous. Unlike other zippers made of plastic, the steel zipper is far more durable and strong. While some steel zippers will wear over time and can become stuck under some conditions, it is important to understand that no zipper is guaranteed for life, but those constructed of high-quality steel outperform their plastic counterpart ten-fold, and it is why Marbek choose it for its chino pant.

How to Select Chino Pants

When you are looking to add to your wardrobe essentials, the chino pant should be one that places high on the list. With the ability to match both casual and dressy social, choosing a chino should be done with this in mind.

The main focus should always be on colour and the degree of practicality that the chino offers. The fit and style of fit is another important part of the process, as it the length as not all chinos are the same and some may not compliment you physically. 

If you are looking for fitted chinos, it is important to remember that fitted chinos will make your appearance look elongated and will blend well with dress and button-down shirts when using a woven belt. Those wishing for a loose-fitting chino should consider those that do not sit too low around the ankle as this will reduce freedom of movement in certain conditions if using outdoors.


Chinos are a classic addition to most men’s wardrobe, and while some women enjoy wearing them, generally they are more geared towards men. They are perfect for casual and rugged wear and can be worn with almost any style of clothing, whether that is t-shirts, button up shirts, polo shirts or outdoor wear.