The style

Ever since the debut of Marbek’s infamous DPM camouflage, our team has been hard at work for the last two years designing a perfect match to our high-end streetwear and we’re proud to unveil a piece of us that embodies the raw culture you breathe in London every single day.

Clothing augments our ability to express ourselves as individuals which is why the team at Marbek are never satisfied until the shoe genuinely fits and thus the release of the Marbek S1 marks the work of over tens of thousands of hours, unveiling a new design that is as powerful and unique a voice as it is comfortable, stood against standards of perfection.

In London, we put shoes on not to walk but to say something.

The Craft

Every step of the way, each singular detail is meticulously designed before they are made, tested, adjusted and then made again; continuing this development loop until we have what we stamp; a shoe close to perfection as can be achieved.

The Drop―Coming Soon

Regal comfort forged from the raw streets of London.