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The Marbek Leather Bomber Jacket has been designed to represent the traditional styling that makes the bomber jackpot one that is enduring to all generations. With its 100% leather Lambskin camouflage print and high-quality polyester lining, it is the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe who wants a solidly constructed jacket made to fit comfortably while still retaining a stylish appearance. The welt pockets offer a durable place that provides comfort and practicality while its padded brown interior will keep cold at bay, and you with a feeling of luxurious warmth.

Designed to be a true to size slim fit, the Marbek Men’s leather jackpot comes in extra-small, small, medium and large. Care instructions require dry cleaning only, and of course, special wash instructions are included with all purchases to ensure your jackpot stands the test of time.

History of the Bomber Jacket

First created in France in the early 1900’s, the Bomber jacket is traditionally constructed of leather sheepskin shells and a lining of soft wool. The Bomber jacket is one with a steeped history and reputation for its durability and being part of a man’s wardrobe. Fashionable and never out of style, it is a jacket that offers versatility and ruggedness and is suitable for semi-formal as well as casual occasions.

The Bomber jacket gained notoriety when the Royal Flying Corps fond standard jackets unavailable for missions into France and Belgium. The warmth and added protection they afforded pilots quickly gained momentum allowing the pilots to remain warm as they flew at higher altitudes, and this led to the bomber jackets popularity.

World War II saw the bomber jacket updated to waist length. The new look added wrap around collets, tighter knitted cuffs, and a front zipper to keep the wind out and the wearer warm. Today, the bomber jacket is more than a pilot’s jacket, but one that has evolved into a fashion statement, one that can be daring or casual and suitable for a wide variety of social occasions.

Bomber Jacket Features

As mentioned, traditionally, bomber jackets are made of a leather outer shell and wool lining. This allowed the jacket to breathe while providing warmth and comfort to the wearer by dividing body heat equally throughout the jacket. As wool fibres are susceptible to becoming crimped, designers have turned to a variety of other products to help provide durability to the overall design and insulation from the cold.

Robust and Durable

Leather is known for being a durable product that offers insulating properties. It has the ability to withstand harsh weather elements while keeping the wearer protected and warm. From a design perspective, Leather allows many colours to be incorporated and gives the wearer multiple options that will fit perfectly into their wardrobe.


Bomber jackets are known to include steel zippers as they are durable and help to retain heat inside the jacket. Some bomber jackets of lessor quality will use a plastic zipper; however traditional bombers will always have the durable steel zipper.

Jacket Collar

The collar of a bomber, for many, is a crucial design element, and depending on the jackets primary use can be found in several styles. Traditional bombers will have wind flaps, whereas more modern jackets will have tighter fitting collars that are meant more for style than adding to the overall warmth of the jacket. This does not deter from the quality of lining technology as it provides plenty of warmth.

Jacket Cuffs

Bomber jackets are designed with knit cuffs to provide added protection from the elements as well as keep warmth inside the jacket. The cuffs are designed using webbed stitching so as to keep them in close contact with the wearer.

How to Select the Right Bomber Jacket

The correct fit of a bomber jacket is a crucial aspect for the wearer. It involves careful measurement of the neck circumference, upper chest, waist, hips and wrists. By comparing your measurements to our sizing chart (ADD LINK TO SIZING CHART HERE), it will help you to ensure the jacket fits your body size perfectly.

Remember, that when taking measurements not to overtighten the measuring tape. It should not fit too tightly but should be tight enough to give an accurate measurement of the area being measured. The correct procedure to get a true measurement is to insert two fingers between the body and tape allowing for breathing room.

Overall Bomber Jacket Fit

The overall fit of a bomber jacket and any other outwear is important as it can be the one aspect of an outfit that can make your appearance or break it. The spacing between your body and the jacket needs to allow for additional layers of clothing but should be tight enough so as to do its job by keeping you warm. The point of the jacket is practical but also one that is fashion driven in many cases, and therefore should complement your overall appearance and body.


The fit around the shoulder is crucial as it is one area that is quickly noticed if not fitting correctly. The jacket should fit around the frame of your shoulders so as to give you a balanced look. It is also important as jackets that do not fit correctly around your shoulders will impact the sleeve length and comfortability.


The most efficient method to tell if the jacket fits is to try it on to see if there is any excess material on either side of the jacket around your arms and wrists. If there is in excess of two inches of material, or not enough, then you need to try on a different size.


The fit around your chest is another critical aspect of the overall comfort that you will experience when wearing a bomber jacket. The fit should be comfortable and not add weight, and should meet those whether worn open or closed.


The collar of a bomber jacket comes in many shapes and styles. Clearly this is a personal preference but there are some common elements that should be considered when fitting a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets have knitted collars and should extend up your neck a little but not so much as to fit over your entire neck area. The point of the collar is to complement the look and design, not encompass it.


The sleeves are also made of knitted material and will fit snuggly to add warmth and comfort. However the fit should be comfortable and not confining and should end near your wrist bone with it not being above it to below it.

Materials Used in Bomber Jacket

The quality of a bomber jacket is directly relevant to materials used in its construction, and the materials in today’s bombers jacket differ from those of the past. Traditionally, the bomber jacket came in brown or black. However current bomber jackets allow for a full range of colours and styles, both on the exterior and interior, and this leads credibility to its continued popularity.

Suede or Leather

Two of the most popular materials, suede and leather, is used for the outer shell construction using cowhide, sheepskin or goatskin. Each of these is well-documented for providing durability and warmth, are stylish and will act as a solid repellant to weather. Suede and leather easily allow for dyes to be used without issues relating to quality.

Thermoplastics Eco-Friendly Fabric

The use of thermoplastics are more recent and are recycled materials, and therefore eco-friendly. Often referred to as eco-fabric, the synthetic fabric is washable, comfortable are cared for easily.


Gore-tex is another form of synthetic fabric that is constructed of fluoropolymer products. Gore-tex is known for its protection against weather such as rain and wind, it is a breathable material that is also comfortable to wear.

Waxed Denim

Waxed denim and nylon are the results of a process that used linseed oil, beeswax and turpentine.  While not as common as suede or leather, it is more affordable and known to provide a great degree of warmth and offers a finish that is shiny.

How to Care for a Bomber Jacket

Caring for your bomber jacket depends on the material used in its construction. Each material has specific instructions for the caring of the jacket if it is to be kept in good condition.

Bomber jackets must be treated to protect from rain, snow or stains. This is a yearly process that will require the jacket to be cleaned with a mild soapy solution and damn cloth. The solution should be wiped over the jacket followed by clean water rinsing using a new cloth. 

Suede bomber jackets, however, require the use of a suede protection spray. As this material is susceptible to damage from rain, snow and stains, treatment of the material should be carried out yearly. Additional protection can be acquired through dry cleaning facilities.

How to Buy a Marbek Bomber Jacket

To purchase the Camo Bomber Jacket by Marbek, refer to the size chart and select the size of jacket that fits your body. Then click the “add to bag” button and proceed with your purchase by visiting the checkout. As a measure of convenience, you can choose to register an account for future purchases.

Once directed to the checkout you will be required to fill out your name and location you wish the jacket to be shipped. This will include the street number, name of street, city, postal code, and country. Upon completing entering this information, you will be able to the payment stage of your purchase.

Payment method options include American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discovery card, Paypal, and for those wishing to use cryptocurrencies, Coinbase. The cost to ship your product is included in the purchase price of your Marbek product, and additional charges for shipping will not be added to your total purchase price.

At this stage, you will be able to review your order, make any changes you and then complete your order.


The bomber jacket is a perfect fit that will complement any man’s wardrobe. It versatile and will blend perfectly with a large variety of outfits whether you are going to a semi-formal event or simply hanging out with the guys. The bomber jacket makes a subtle yet convincing fashion statement that defines your personality and can be chosen in an assortment of materials that defy age.