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Men's Activewear - Fleece shorts

The Marbek Fleece shorts are perfect for lounging around the house or when out with friends at the park or when on a leisurely stroll. Made with comfort in mind, the fleece shorts are soft, and above all, its polyester and cotton fibres allow breathability while providing a spacious interior that keeps you cool in the summer yet warm enough so as not to be uncomfortable when the evening hours arrive. Order today, spend £50 or more, and we will pay the shipping!

Soon to be released – watch this space for our soon to be released Marbek Fleece Shorts.

History of Fleece Shorts

The origins of fleece didn’t begin until the 70’s, which for some may seem surprising as fleece is now a common part of most people’s wardrobes. Developed by an American based due, Malden Mills and Patagonia, the material was instantly successful as the material was found to be pliable and strong, and carried similar characteristics to wool. One surprising move by its creator is their failure to patent it around the world, and therefore its growth was almost instant as other manufactures were free to create garments using the material, as well as create different variations without risk if having to pay Mills and Patagonia licensing fees.

The fabric quickly took hold sue to it having superior warming abilities and for its lightweight and software characteristics. The fleece fabric also was found to be superior to wool in many ways as it repelled water while still proving its insulating qualities. Embraced by outdoor and those active in sports, fleece is easily washable and dries quickly, is less expensive than work, and it can be made with recyclable materials and therefore meets the growing needs of the environmentally conscious.

Fleece Short Features

The Marbek Fleece shorts offer many of the same features as the Marbek Fleece Top. This includes the anti-pill fabric that prevents any small balls from forming on the shorts as a result of friction and abrasions that often result when being washed. This feature gives added life to the shorts and keeps them looking new.

In addition, the fleece used in the Marbek shorts is water resistant, and as such, when in damp conditions or stuck in the rain, your shorts will retain much of its heat-retaining qualities so as to keep you warm when needed most. The material is also designed to be breathable and therefore prevent excessive sweating under normal use conditions.

The drawstring front closure ensures comfort to the wearer and prevents the risk of the shorts from loosening while being worn or when participating in rigorous activities. Finally, our fleece shorts are machine washable, and this allows you to maintain and keep the shorts clean without any special steps needed.

How to Select the Right Fleece Shorts

Anyone who loves fleece will find there is a variety of different fleece styles that can be used for the production of clothing items made of fleece. Each type of fleece is designed for a different purpose, and each offers their own unique qualities. Choosing fleece shorts really comes down to what you intend to use them for.

Microfleece is a lighter weight version of the material and is best suited for when outdoor temperatures are mild. This style of fleece is more geared towards those who are planning on doing light activities outdoors such as gardening, hiking, or going for walks. It retains its breathability and insulating qualities just as other fleece does, but it lighter and therefore more ideal when not wanting the risk of overheating.

Mid-weight fleece, on the other hand, is a more designed for everyday wear and is slightly heavier, but not so much as to feel burdensome. It has an insulting factor that is higher than microfleece and therefore is ideal for most weather conditions and outdoor activities.

Lastly, textured fleece has different uses as it is fluffier and is more for comfort than practicality. It is generally used in items of clothing designed towards the colder months of the year as it has a high insulating factor than that of micro and mid-weight fleece.

How to Care for Your Fleece Shorts

Caring for your fleece is simple and takes little time. Fleece shorts can be machine washed in cold water, then lightly dried in a dryer or left to hang dry. The shorts should be turned inside out to protect the outer fleece, and it is not recommended to iron fleece shorts as this can cause damage to the fleece material. If removing stains, use a chlorine-free detergent.


Fleece shorts are not only comfortable, but they are also affordable, and when you consider the range of uses that fleece shorts can be used, they are well worth the minimal investment. Ideally, having multiple pairs and colours will increase your ability to pair with other tops, but as with most shorts, fleece shorts are compatible with most anything.