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The Marbek Leather Jacket has been designed to give men a classic, stylish, and durable jacket that will withstand constant wearing throughout the seasons. It is crafted with 100% lambskin leather to ensure a high-quality material which will give the leather jacket a completed, smooth, and stain-proof finish. Combined with a 100% nylon body lining and 100% polyester sleeve lining, this jacket is a necessity for any man who desires a long-lasting leather jacket that will provide warmth and a classic yet comfortable fit. The leather jacket also features a full body jacket zipper along zippered hand pockets on both sides to secure any personal items. The padded interior will provide you with heat and leave you with a warmth that will never disappear.

The leather jacket is designed to give the appearance of a timeless and classic fit. The sizes range from extra-small, small, medium, and large. Care instructions along with wash instructions will be provided with all purchases. However, the leather jacket requires professional dry cleaning to extend the durability and longevity of the item.

History of the Leather Jacket

The men’s leather jacket first appeared around the early 1900’s and was prized for its heat insulating ability and disability. It was first crafted using a variety of different materialist such as sheepskin, buckskin, or lambskin with a fleece interior which aided in its rising popularity among military personnel. It gained notoriety as German fighter pilots wore it for its well-known features, and to serve as a protective layer against the colder altitudes. The leather jacket was also famously worm by the Russian military during the Russian Civil War for the same reasons. 

It was not until the 1920's when the first leather jacket was designed to be used outside of military personnel. The upgraded design introduced the body length zipper instead of the commonly used buttons, and a shortened jacket cut. However, it was not until Hollywood began using the leather jacket in the 1940’s that the jacket began to rise in popularity.  Due to the jacket being commonly worm by the “bad boy” and rebel archetypes, the common man began to see the leather jacket as a staple of style, Individuality, and charm. Furthermore, in the decades following, popular music groups, such as The Beatles, begun the association of the leather jacket to the rock and punk music scene.

In more modern times, the leather jacket is seen as a fashionable yet classic garment that can be worn to a variety of events. Due to modernisation, the leather jacket has seen a fair share of changes ranging from the colours, shapes, and the intended use of the jackets: to be either elegant or casual. However, most of the designs to the leather jacket have not strayed away too far from the classic look of having a full body zipper, pockets, and an insulated padded interior.

Leather Jacket Features

As previously stated, the leather jacket is constructed of an outer shell made entirely out of leather with a padded interior lining of a nylon and polyester blend. This design helps keep the jacket durable through the coldest seasons while also giving the wearer a material that isn’t too heavy but can still fulfil its purposes of warmth and overall torso warmth.

Durable and Comfortable

The Marbek leather jacket focuses on two key components – durability and comfort. Due to the high-quality materials, the jacket can withstand the most intensive weather thrown at it, whether that be a winter storm with harsh winds or cold nights. The leather itself can be dyed into a multitude of unique colours, excluding the classic brown and black shades, which can give the wearer more freedom to match their classic leather jacket with more outfits.


Leather jackets can be found in a variety of lengths. Jackets that stop at the waist, or a bit lower, are commonly used for the practical sense of insulating warmth when outdoors. These longer leather jackets are usually waterproof due to the prejudice that it is to be worn to protect the wearer against the elements. The jackets created with the intent of being catered towards fashion, commonly have a higher and snugger hem. These are not fully centred on keeping the wearer warm. Instead, it is focused to give the weather a more fashionable look while using leather.

Jacket Collar

Collars that are catered towards fashion and style commonly have short and tight collars that cannot be turned down, these are found by people who ride motorcycles to give off a sleek look. The collars that are short, soft, and can be turned down or flipped upwards towards the chin are commonly worn for a casual streetwear look. It is typically found on looser fitting leather jackets. Collars that are fully turned down are found on leather jackets that are longer, such as trench coat length. They are usually found on jackets that are waterproof.


These are a necessity on any functional leather jacket. Most leather jackets have zipped pockets that can either be horizontal or vertical in design. The more casual leather jackets usually sport the horizontal pocket designs on the outer shell of the jacket. While the dressier styles usually sport pockets on the interior of the jacket.


Compared to the traditional style of leather jackets, versions with metal zippers instead of buttons give the jacket a sleeker finish and are easier to use. However, rugged outdoor leather jackets use a mixture of buttons and zippers for more functionality against the elements.

Jacket Cuffs

The jacket cuffs are crafted from an elastic material that is made to comfortably stretch around the wrist while sticking close to the wearer's skin. The focus is to make sure the wearer is properly warmed all the way to the wrists.

How to Select the Right Leather Jacket

Choosing the correct size and fit of your leather jacket is a key component that the wearer must consider. The wearer can refer to the Marbek sizing guide to confirm that they have the correct measurements for their shoulder width, back length, sleeve length, waist circumference, and chest circumference. By following this step, it can ensure the wearer has selected the correct size needed for a proper and comfortable fit.

Be certain to take your correct measurements and refer to the sizing guide before making the purchase.  The measuring tape should fit comfortably around the area being measured and should not be pulled too tight. Be sure to follow the correct procedure of inserting two fingers between the body and the tape to allow for adequate breathing room.

The overall fit of a leather jacket can have a drastic effect on the aesthetics of how the jacket appears on the person wearing it. The wearer should be able to wear additional layering that will not make the jacket fit too tightly. Moreover, the wearer should be able to move their arms in a multiple of directions to ensure that the jacket is not too stiff against the body. Regarding specifics, the wearer must consider how the jacket fits on the shoulders and sleeves.

It is recommended to choose a jacket that does not have any excise material hanging around the shoulder area, as it can give the wearer a baggier and unprofessional look. Those with thinner frames would benefit from purchasing a jacket with more elasticity as it will give the illusion of having broader shoulders. While broader shoulder people are advised to avoid materials that will stretch around their shoulder which could cause them to appear rounder.

Sleeves are usually easier to find the correct fit for. The general rule of thumb is to make sure that the sleeves should come down no longer than the wearer’s wrists to avoid the image of the jacket wearing you instead of you wearing it.

Materials Used in Leather Jackets

As previously stated, different materials can be used in the creation of leather jackets. These materials can range from cowhide, deerskin, and lambskin, however, each one of these materials can have a different effect of the texture of the leather


Cowhide is a common material that most leather jackets are crafted from. It takes longer to break in and make comfortable for the wearer. The quality and texture can vary vastly depending on which part of the cow it comes from and how it was processed in the creation of the jacket.


The material is similar to cowhide in regarding toughness, but it is lighter and more flexible than cowhide. The finished material tends to have a slightly fuzzy look, which causes it to be perfect for professional leather jacket wear and fashion pieces.


This material is more commonplace in modern-day leather jackets as it is commonly intermixed with having a fleece lining for extra warmth. The material is soft and lightweight and can be worn throughout every season with comfort. The most important thing to remember with this material is that it must be treated more gently than other forms of leather.

How to Care for a Leather Jacket

It is heavily recommended that the wearer pays close attention to the washing and care instructions provided on the label of the jacket. Each different kind of leather must be treated differently to ensure the longevity of the materials. The wearer should avoid getting the jacket wet, unless waterproof, however, there are some precautions a person can use to avoid damaging the leather if it does happen to get wet. It is also recommended that the wearer avoids drying their leather jacket in high heats, so the material does not become dry and brittle. The most effective and safest way to clean your leather jacket is to take it to get professionally cleaned at a dry cleaner.


The leather jacket has been a staple image in men’s fashion for decades. While being popularised by early Hollywood, the appeal of owning a stylish and multi-purpose leather jacket has increased with the times. Whether you plan on wearing it to protect yourself against harsh weather conditions or just for style, you can be ensured that you will be adding a memorable piece of clothing to your wardrobe.