Ripped Pants

Marbek’s Ripped Pants are the perfect complement to any wardrobe, and a must have to the jean conscious shopper. Made using 100% cotton, durable in design and offering affordable luxury, the Marbek Ripped Pant is lightweight and offers pockets front and back, a zipper fly and is machine washable. Available in multiple colours, it is the perfect choice for the shopper looking for a stylish yet unique that can be paired up with their favourite top or jacket.

History of the Ripped Pant

The history of the ripped jean came about as a result of people, generally from the working class, over-wearing blue jeans. In the 70’s, the ripped jean became a form of self-expression and rebellion as they consider inappropriate for professionals and those from the upper class.

As the ripped pant took hold, they began to be produced in different styles by including different features such as bell bottoms, patches and floral colouring to the pant to give each a unique design. This saw ripped pants becoming part of the fashion industry and cemented as a must have for the hip, and fashion conscious.

Ripped Pant Features

Ripped pants have many classic features that most are accustomed to if they are jean wearers. Each design will have its unique features, and either offers a zipper fly or a button one, and generally will provide a five pocket configuration, with one of those being the coin pocket, which is customary in most styles of jeans or pants.

Made of 100% cotton, they will offer a variety of rips, patches, scrapes and holes, and are machine washable in cold water or may be washed by hand. While they can be machine dried, it is best to allow the pant to dry naturally to avoid possible shrinkage.

How to Select a Ripped Pant

To select the right fitting ripped pant there is a number of aspects that must be considered. As the “ripped pant” is a style of jean, the point to the ripped jean is to give some definition and unique style that expresses your individuality. There are a number of blemishes that ripped pants entail. This includes holes, shredding, scraps, colours and other design features relating to patches and artist differences.

The placement of holes is one consideration that should be looked closely at. Holes will act as a window to your ski and is generally found on the thigh or leg. They should not be wider than the actual pant leg and is ideal if positioned horizontally. Holes should also not be larger than an inch in width when standing.

Ripped pants that have shredding should be located in the same locations but can include multiple shredding to give a more defined look. Scrapes are small patches or scratches in the material and are used to cover holes and generally are not larger than a half inch or inch.

When looking at ripped pants with artistic designs, be sure to select those that best represent your personality. This is the point of the artistic addition to the design of the pant and important when making your selection.

What to wear with Ripped Pants

Those not accustomed to wearing ripped pants may wonder what to pair with this style of pant. Ripped pants are considered casual, relaxed and urban, and can be paired with most tops and jackets that fit this style of dress. Consider wearing with your favourite t-shirt or hoody as this will complement the look and help to define your individuality. Ripped pants also will work well with a button up shirt if worn untucked and with some other item such as a scarf or hat.

Either way, whatever you decide to pair with your ripped jeans, make sure that it is an expression of you that will complement your style, is functional and will add some personality to the finished look. Sneakers, hiking boots, high heels and casual shows all work well with ripped pants, but some will depend on the accessories you add to your look, so choose those that fit well.


For the person looking for casual, relaxed pants, the ripped pant is perfect. While maybe not favoured by some, it has become an acceptable fashion trend that is here to stay. Comfortable and easily accessorised, the ripped pant will change in style over the years but remain cemented in place.