Skinny Fit Pants

The Marbek Skinny fit pant is a wonderful addition to our catalogue of fashionable items for men and are the perfect stylish addition that blends into most looks and styles. Designed with softness in mind, and a high level of stretch, the Marbek skinny fit pant offers flexible movement thanks to its cotton, spandex and rayon construction. Whether you are dressing for success or casual weather, the skinny fit pant by Marbek complements at every turn.

Offered in a range of colours and styles, each meant to complement the wearer and allow for a wide range of styles to be incorporated into each look. Tapered at the leg, the Marbek design includes slanted pockets in the front and pockets in the rear and a zippered fly. Buy yours today and combine it with one of our many other fashionable men collection options.

History of the Skinny Jean

The skinny fit pant got its start in the 50’s and was considered one that was worn by those who were rebellious and part of the emerging “rock’n’roll” crowd. Made famous by Elvis, it grew in popularity with the likes of Mick Jagger, and bands such as KISS before making its way into mainstream fashion. Its popularity saw a re-emergence with the grunge music scene and saw it once again becoming popular among multiple generations, with it today being considered a standard pant in one's arsenal.

What is a Skinny Fit Pant?

The Skinny fit pant is a snug fitting pant that has tapered legs with the pant leg opening being a maximum 20” in diameter. Also known as stovepipes, drainpipes, pencil and cigarette pants due to the tapered slim appearance skinny fit pants give, they can include a zippered pant leg and are designed to fit comfortably with those who have thinner frames.

Skinny Fit Pant Features

Skinny fit pants have a number of quality features that are ideal for comfortable long-term wear. The use of polyurethane allows the pant to stretch as the pant is being worn, and this allows flexibility that will not feel constricting.

The dying process is skinny fit pants use a pre-wash process to ensure dyes do not run or impact the stretch material. All pockets are reinforced to ensure they do not open wide and alter the look and design when inserting hands or objects into them.

How to Select a Skinny Pant

As with any pant, there is a correct way to select the skinny fit pant. First and foremost the pant should complement your body style, be comfortable to wear and fit snuggly in both the leg and waist area. It is important not to purchase pants that are too tight as this can have adverse health complications over long term use.

Prior to buying a skinny fit pant, you should measure your waist and know your pant size. Bear in mind, sizes will vary but for men, this is more uncommon but you should refer to the sizing chart before placing your order.

The area for the buttocks and thigh should fit tight but no so tight as to be uncomfortable. The same applies to the calves and legs. If too tight, this will cause the pant leg to stretch. Remember, if there is extra material hanging in the buttocks or leg area, then the pant is too big and a smaller size is recommended.

When pairing the skinny fit pant with shirts, choose a loose fitting shirt is going for a casual look, or a dress shirt if the event you are attending is semi-formal. Sneakers and dress shows complement the skinny fit pant and pairing with a matching belt will add value to the look you are trying to archive. Remember, skinny fit pants are not meant to appear as if sprayed on, and are ideal for men who are thinner is structure and stand at an average male height.


Skinny fit pants are a part of many peoples wardrobe collections, and for the stylish man, they perfect for many occasions, both semi-formal and casual. Once considered rebellious, they are seen as a fashion trend due to the multiple colours and styles they come in. While they may complement some body styles more than others, they by no means are limited to only those with skinner builds, and with the right care, can last for years to come.