Unisex Baseball Jerseys by Marbek – Buy Online – Next Day Delivery

The Marbek baseball jersey offers a classic and unique throwback that appeals to many men and women alike. The unisex size allows for the jersey to fit comfortable on the body without being too form-fitting or loose on any body type. The materials used in the baseball jersey is a blend of polyester and nylon with added cotton. These materials combined aid in the jersey being extremely resistant, comfortable, and flexible. The baseball jersey has a simple look consisting of: a single row of buttons aligned the front of the jersey, baseball trimmings and details, along with short-sleeves. The jersey will also come in a variety of colors that can be easily matched with any casual outfit.

The Marbek baseball jersey is offered in the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. It is important to note that the sizes are unisex. Buyers are recommended to refer to the Marbek sizing guide before making the final purchase to ensure the correct size has been selected.

History of the Baseball Jersey

One of most notable appearances of the now popular baseball jersey style was in 1849 and was being sported by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club. The reason why they wanted to wear a jersey was that the team, along with the majority of players of the sport, wanted a way to feel unified and needed a more obvious way tell the teams apart from one another. After the New York team wore this shirt for a few games, other baseball teams soon followed suit.

Since then this style baseball jersey began to take over so much that it became the “industry standard”.  Many teams adapted the look and customised it by personalising certain aspects of it, such as the player's number, last name, and either the team's name or emblem. Soon after this, many baseball fans and people who just enjoy the aesthetic of the jersey began to wear it in their daily lives. The key difference, however, is that not all fashionable baseball jerseys feature representation of a team. Some are just plain shirts that have the baseball jersey appearance.

Baseball Jersey Features    

The Marbek baseball jersey features an array of stylistic features that will appeal to a multitude of wearers. The jersey features a single row of buttons on the front of the jersey that can be buttoned and unbuttoned as desired. Another one of the stylish features is the baseball-esque trimming and details that are featured on the jacket, along with the practically placed Marbek logo. The jersey will also have short-sleeves, so it will be perfect to wear in warmer weather or even under another Marbek jacket that you own.

Materials Used

The materials used in the baseball jersey are the following: a blend of polyester and nylon with some added cotton. The polyester and nylon blend allows for a more intensive durability, easier cleaning, and a thicker material that is still lightweight enough to give full comfort. The cotton in this jersey gives it the luxurious softness that any man or women would want in their shirt. Another feature that cotton provides is the ability to give the shirts its vibrant trimming colours.

How to Care

Along with every other Marbek purchase, detailed care instructions will be provided to ensure the durability, and overall functionality of the jersey remains. Following these instructions properly will give your jersey maximum longevity.

For washing: the jersey should be turned inside out to prevent any damage happening to the trimming detailed on the shirt. Wash in a delicate wash cycle using a cold-water temperature.

For drying: there are two possible drying options. One is to hang the shirt up in a cool area to air dry for a few hours. This option will eliminate any chances of shrinkage. If using a tumble dryer, use a normal drying cycle with medium heat to prevent any possible shrinkage.


The Marbek baseball jersey is the perfect addition to any fashion lovers who enjoy the look of a casual baseball jersey that can paired and matched with a multitude of outfits. The jersey has a soft, luxurious feeling with intensive durability, which allows it to have a long lifespan in your wardrobe.