If you’re looking for a comfortable and well-fitting piece of apparel that’s perfectly suited for the fall and winter season, then the unisex Marbek hoodie would be the perfect fit for you. This hoodie will come in an array of varying designs, colours, and sizes, which will allow any man or women the opportunity to find a hoodie that meets their personal aesthetic. The hoodies are crafted from a high-quality 100% heavyweight cotton base with an added mixture of polyester. Which provides the huddle with its ability to retain some warmth, comfort, and its overall durability. The hoodie is simplistic enough where it can be paired with an array of outfits along while having enough internal spacing to allow for layers to be worn under it.

The Marbek unisex hoodie is offered in the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. The sizing offers every man and women a chance to be able to find their perfect hoodie. It is recommended to refer to the Marbek sizing guide before making the final purchase to avoid buying the wrongly fitting hood. 

History of the Hoodie

The first recorded invention of the hoodie originates in 1919 by a company named the Knickerbocker Knitting Company, now known as Champion Products. The company started off as a sweeter mill and begun to consistently make sweatshirts once they developed methods that would allow them to sew thicker materials without adding too much extra bulkiness. Though, it would not be until 1934 until be company started the process of adding a functional hood to the sweatshirts –creating the first known recorded hoodie. The hood was mainly added only to assist those in athletics and those who work outdoor in harsher elements.

However, Champion didn’t just rely on their own assumptions about what features to add, improve, or take away from the hoodie. Instead, they asked local high school students about their apparel needs and what they would like to see incarnated into the hoodie. Many students, such as football players, band members, and regular students all gave their inputs, which lead to the hoodie making its incredible leap to be a functional, stylish, and modern piece of apparel that men and women of the younger and older generations can enjoy.

Hoodie Features

Other than having a multitude of stylish and modern designs, the Marbek hoodie has some other interesting features as well. One of these features are the knitted cuffs that are made to fit snugly around your wrist to prevent any wind from sliding into the jacket. Another feature of the hoodie are the two drawstrings that are connected to the hood of the hoodie, which allows for the wearer to adjust the hood to either fit tighter or looser.

Materials Used

The Marbek hoodies are created from two main materials: a 100% heavyweight cotton base with a mix of polyester. Although the heavyweight cotton allows for more durability of the hoodie and provides a more comfortable feeling, it’s also ideal to be used for apparel that is meant to keep the wearer warm. Cotton is also one of the best materials that can be dyed without the actual material being damaged. The polyester in the hoodie allows for more water-resistant protection. 

How to Care

Similar to all Marbek purchases, a detailed guide of care instructions will be provided with the item bought. Following these steps will provide for a longer lifespan with your item of clothing.

If using a washing machine: turn the hoodie inside out, set washing machine to the delicate cycle, use cold water and a light amount of laundry detergent

When drying, either hang the hoodie up in a cool area to air dry for a few hours, or keep the hoodie inside out, set your dryer to a delicate cycle, and use a mild heat to avoid possible shrinkage or colour fading.


The Marbek unisex hoodie is a perfect and comfortable piece of apparel that will fit an array of men and women. It can be worn in cool or wet weather conditions while keeping the wearer dry and warm. The jacket is also versatile enough so it can be matched with a variety of bottoms.


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