Unisex Jumpers

While the weather is getting cooler and you’re preparing to pull out your fall and winter wardrobe – you should consider purchasing the Marbek unisex jumper. This jumper comes in a variety of colours, sizes, and designs, which gives every man and women the opportunity to find a jumper that meets their personal aesthetics. These jumpers can also be easily paired with a variety of winter outfits as well. They’re crafted with high-quality cotton that promises for a soft, comfy, and durable fit. Some of the features of the jumper are its rib-knitted cuffs, collar, hem, and the designs it comes in.

The Marbek unisex jumper is available in the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. The variation of sizes will give any buyer the chance to find their perfect fit. It is recommended that before making the final purchase, the buyer refers to the Marbek sizing guide to endure that they have selected the correct size.

History of the Jumper

The history of the jumper is an interesting one. Originally, the wives of European fishermen and sailors would knit a protective shirt with long-sleeves for their husband’s journeys. The protective wear was crafted out of a thick and heavy natural wool. However, these knitted garments had the ability to have intense protection against the cold, even when the jumper become damp from the near-freezing waters, which made them a popular form of attire for men who partook in these careers. Though, in the 1990’s this particular garment finally made its way to the United States as a popular form of apparel that was commonly used by athletes.

When the jumper came to America, it typically had the appearance of being of a dark blue colour, long-sleeved, and was of a heavier material while still being lightweight. Despite the newer appearance, the jumper retained its main function: to be durable, warming, and comfortable for people who were constantly outdoors when the weather was getting colder. Though, as more athletes began wearing this material outside of their practices – the public took notice and begun to incorporate the jumper into their everyday outerwear. Men, women, and children all began to sport this style, which leads to many companies and designers to start adding their own unique twist to the plain jumper. 

Jumper Features

The main features of the jumper are based on its stylistic changes which resulted in the outerwear being more comfortable for the wearer. The rib-knitted cuffs, collar, and hem allow for a snugger fit around those areas, which grants the wearer the ability to keep more warmth while preventing strong wind and other weather conditions from getting inside of the jumper. Another feature that is often overlook are the various designs and colours that the jumper is provided in. This feature will allow for many men and women to find a jumper that perfectly suits what they’re looking for.

Materials Used

As mentioned above, the jumper is crafted with high-quality cotton that provides a multitude of good qualities to be found with the jumper. Firstly, since cotton is a material that is easily dyed, the options for colours that the jumper can be offered in increases. Another amazing thing about using cotton is that the material has a history of being extremely durable, weather resistant, soft, and comfortable. These two factors combined ensure that the jumper will be of high quality.

How to Care

Similar to all Marbek purchases, the unisex jumper will be shipped with proper care instructions. These instructions will allow for the jumper to have ample longevity without the fear of wear and tear.

For washing: turn the jumper inside out and set the washing machine on a delicate spin cycle. Use cold-water with a light amount of laundry detergent.

For drying: there are two recommended drying methods. The jumper can be hung up in a cool area to air dry for a few hours. Or, it can be put inside a tumble dryer on a normal cycle with medium heat.


The Marbek unisex jumper would be a stylish addition to anyone’s closet. The jumper can keep the wearer warm while facing against the outdoor elements while also being easily matched with any fall or winter outfit with ease.