Unisex Plain Top

Although the Marbek unisex plain top may seem like a boring addition to man’s and woman’s wardrobe, it’s the perfect top that can complete a simple and casual look. The plain top will come in a few varying colours that can be paired with a multitude of bottoms as well. The top will feature short sleeves, a rounded collar, and a plain colour design as well. The top is made with 100% cotton which gives the top well-needed durability, elasticity, opaqueness, and comfortably soft feeling. Another appeal of this plain top is the ability to layer it with ease if desired, due to its lightweights and anti-bulky material. This top is ideal for loungewear and everyday wear.

The Marbek unisex plain tops will be offered in the following unisex sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. This allows for anyone who is seeking out a casual everyday top to complete their outfits. It is recommended that the Marbek sizing is referenced to ensure the correct size is selected before buying. 

History of the Plain Top

The plain top has been around for centuries; however, its origins are quite diverse. Since the middle ages, the top has been worn as a protective and lightweight undergarment, it was undyed, plain, and entirely made out of cotton. Though even after the middle ages have passed and 1913 arrived, plain shorts were still being used as undergarments, this time, however, by the United States Navy. The tops have a slight upgraded as they were whitened, developed a crew neckline, short-sleeved, and made to be opaquer. Despite its military usages, many other professionals, such as farmers and ranchers, begun sporting the same top due to it being easily cleaned, well-fitted, durable, and comfortable. The top becomes so popular that even during the Great Depression, it was one of the most commonly worn and brought shorts for household due to its features and inexpensiveness.

It wasn’t until the mid-1950’s when Hollywood began dressing their actors, such as Marlon Brando, in the icon, simple, and fashionable plain top paired with a pair of Levi jeans. Since then, the plain top has gained more popularity globally and has been accepted as proper outwear – for men and women alike.

Plain Top Features

The plain top has a few simplistic very strong features. The short sleeves allow for more flexibility and movement of the shoulder and arms due to the fact that they fit comfortably and have a looser fit. The rounded collar, also known as the crew neck, fits comfortably around the wearer’s neck and gives them enough room to feel secure in the top while not exposing the upper chest area. One more feature that is commonly overlooked is the plainness of the top itself. Due to the top not having any notable design features: such as no front pocket, or crazy designs, it is actually one of the easiest tops to match with a variety of bottoms, no matter if the preference is a skirt, pants, or anything else.

Materials Used

The main material used in the production of the plain top is cotton. This material is because of the longstanding history of being extremely soft, durable, and comfortable for daily wear, and its ability to last for years even when worn and washed multiple times. Another perk of using this material is its ability to easily be dyed a multitude of colours without running the other features that cotton provides.

How to Care

Like all Marbek purchases, detailed care instructions will be provided with the purchase to ease any concerns of how to properly care for your item. The plain top can be machine washed in a normal spin cycle using a cold-water temperature. However, drying methods can vary. If a tumble dryer is used, set it on a normal cycle with medium heat to avoid shrinkage. Hanging the top up and air drying it is the best method to prevent any shrinking or colour fading from happening.


The Marbek plain top is a needed item that can complete anyone’s outfit. Its casual enough to wear to a multitude of events and comfortable enough to wear multiple times as well. Be sure to consider adding this top to your next purchase.