Unisex Printed Top

Alongside the other tops that Marbek offers, the printed t-top offers a stylish, casual, and comfortable piece of apparel that can be worn with any outfit. What makes the top stand out are the unique and modern designs, colour variations, crew neckline, and the flattering unisex fit. The Marbek printed top is made with the finest 100% cotton, which will ensure complete comfortability, durability, and a lightweight, fashionable top that won’t feel like its holding you down. The unisex sizing of this top will allow men and women alike to truly enjoy and bask in representing their favourite brand.

The Marbek printed top will come in the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. This will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to find a properly fitting top no matter their body shape or gender. It is important to refer to the Marbek sizing guide to ensure that the top selected will properly fit you before purchase.

History of the Printed Top

While the t-top has been around for decades and originally used an undergarment, and then eventually a top that can be casually worn. The art of t-top printing differs. Textile printing, the process and technique used to decorate and customise fabric, has been around for centuries. The practice originated in 3rd century China and slowly spread across the globe as many other cultures begun to customise their own clothing.

The era of custom designing a personal t-top hit the Western world in the early 1950’s. Since t-tops were being more popularised – companies used them as an opportunity to sell merchandise and promote their own companies. It’s believed that several Florida based business began the process of decorating plain t-tops to ones that showed off the names of local resorts and popular tourist attractions. The companies managed to do this by using a method called screen-printing, which allowed designers to use stencils and ink to create vibrant designs on t-tops that the general public loved.

However, as technology advanced and merchandise was still being sold and bought – a new form of fabric printing emerged: Digital printing. This style is what we commonly use today as it allows for more details, vibrant colours, quicker production, and less manual labour. Due to this advancement, printed t-tops have become popularised in today’s society and are commonly worn by both men and women.

Printed Top Features

One of the key and most notable features of the printed t-tops are the numerous modern, colourful, and unique designs that are offered. Marbek has a multitude of designs that proudly represents the company in a stylish way that both men and women could casually enjoy. Another one of the features is the crew neckline which allows for an overall comfortable fit while putting on and wearing the top.

Materials Used

As of all the Marbek brand t-tops, the printed t-top has been crafted with 100% cotton which allows for the top to be durable, wear and tear proof, and comfortable. One of the other perks of using a top that’s fully made from cotton is the cotton’ ability to take colour well – which allows a vibrant design to be printed on every top.

How to Care

All Marbek purchases will come with care instructions, that if properly followed, will allow for the longevity and complete durability of the top. If machine washed, the following would be helpful to keep in mind to make sure the top will not fade or get damaged: turn the top inside out, wash with a light amount of detergent, use a normal spin cycle along with a cold-water temperature.  If using a tumble dryer: set the dryer on a normal cycle on medium heat to prevent shrinkage of any kind and keep the top inside out so the design won’t be eroded after the drying session. Another commonly used method is to hang the top up and let it air dry for a few hours to avoid any potential risks with the tumble dryer.


The Marbek printed top is a stylish and unique addition to any man or women’s wardrobe. The design is vibrant, new, and modern, and has the ability to complement any outfit its apart of.