Unisex Raglan Tops

The raglan top is known for its casual and comfortable appearance. It has the ability to be paired with most men and women’s springtime attire. The Marbek raglan top comes in unisex sizing which gives men and women the equal opportunity to sport a comfortable, stylish, and relaxed shirt that comes in a variety of colours and modern designs. The top is created using the finest 100% cotton which expands its softness, coyness, and overall durability. The raglan top has a few distinct features which make it stand out from other shirts: the crew neck collar that is the same colour as the sleeves, sleeves which end right at the wrist, and the undefined look that happens due to the sleeves extending all the way to the collar. 

The Marbek unisex raglan top is available in the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. It is heavily recommended that before making the final purchase, the buyer should refer to Marbek sizing guide to make sure that they have selected the size that would best fit them.

History of the Raglan Top

The raglan shirt is one of the many variations from the basic t-shirt. As a brief recap, the t-shirt was created during the 17th century as a popular undergarment. It was commonly worn by those who performed physical tasks who needed a lightweight material that was lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Since then, many designers have taken their own unique twist of the plain t-shirt, such as the raglan top. One interesting thing facts about the raglan top is where it got its name. The shirt style was named after Baron Raglan, who lost his arm in battle. This shirt style was specifically made for the baron, so he would have a piece of apparel that would allow the baron ease while getting dress. However, the top is well known for its unique design that stems from the sleeves that extend in one piece from the collar. This leaves a slant-like seam appearance from the underarms to the collarbones.  Another distinction about the raglan top are how the sleeves and collar are usually a different colour from the base of the shirt – which gives it a more interesting look. 

In the recent years, the raglan top has increased in popularity globally. Many men and women have sorted this shirt style with an array of outfits due to its versatility. It has appeared more frequently in fashion magazines, fashion shows, and models have started wearing it as well as a part of their more casual wear as well.

Raglan Top Features

The Raglan top has a few key features that make it unique. The main one being how the sleeves are directly attached to the collar of the shirt. This gives the shirt a more modern appearance and the fact that the sleeves are usually coloured differently adds to the uniqueness. Another feature of this shirt is the crew neckline and the sleeve length. The crew neckline gives a more casual appearance while the sleeve length can vary from ¾ to a full length.

Materials Used

The Marbek raglan shirt is produced using 100% cotton. The cotton used allows for ample durability and comfortability for whoever is wearing it, which in turns increases the overall longevity of the shirt. Another perk of using cotton is its ability to be easily dyed, which gives the sleeve colour an even more vibrant colour that will show no signs of fading for years to come.

How to Care

All Marbek purchases will come detailed care instructions that will show the proper way to care for the clothing piece. Following these instructions will ensure that the item will be able to last for its full lifespan.

For washing: turn the raglan shirt inside out before washing on a normal washing cycle. Use cold water and a light amount of laundry detergent to prevent against the fading of the sleeve colour.

For drying: keep the shirt inside out while drying on a normal cycle. Use a medium heat temperature to avoid shrinkage of any kind.


The Marbek unisex raglan shirt is a casual piece of attire that will flatter any man or woman who purchases it. It can match a variety of outfits as well be used as a comfortable piece of loungewear if desired.