Unisex Rugby Shirts

As the name suggests, the rugby shirt is a piece of apparel that is worn by rugby players during their games. Usually, the shirt is decorated in a way that represents the team, so each rugby shirt is entirely different from others. Marbek offers their unisex rugby shirts for men and women. They shirts will come in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs that allows for buyers to find a potential shirt that would be perfect for them. The Marbek rugby shirt is crafted with the finest blend of cotton and polyester which allows for the shirt to be soft, durable, flexible, and overall extremely comfortable. A few of the key features in the rugby shirt are the downwards facing collars that have a V-shaped neckline and the long sleeves. This shirt is ideal for any anyone who loves the look the rugby short, but would rather wear it in a fashion sense more than an athletic sense.

The Marbek unisex rugby shirts will be offered in an array of sizes, ranging from extra-small, small, medium, and large. Which will allow a multitude of men and women to find a properly fitting shirt. However, before purchasing your Rigby shirt, refer to the Marbek sizing guide to ensure that the size you have selected will properly fit your body.

History of the Rugby Shirt

The history of the rugby shirt extends all the way back to 1823 when rugby was created, and the first game was played. It became evidently clear to the opposing teams and the audience watching them that they needed a defined uniform for the game that helped identify which team was which, and to give the game a more unified feeling. The first rugby shirt was crafted out of pure cotton and featured a bowtie. Although this created unity in the game, it did not solve the pressing issue of not being able to identify which team was which. Plus, the original rugby shirt was prone to wear and tear after a few matches. This began the process of creating a new and improved rugby shirt. The newer version is what we commonly see today: bolder colours, team emblems, a heavier cotton weaving that improve durability, and a new body-hugging fit.

Although the new shirt designed was quickly popularised amongst rugby players, many fans took notice of the design and wanted to wear something similar in their daily lives – which prompted the creation of the crew rugby shirt, also simply known as the rugby shirt. This design featured longer sleeves, a downward facing collar with a V-shaped neckline, and often, a unique design was placed on the shirt. The rugby shirt grew in popularity amongst the public as more and more men and women begun to buy and wear the shirt as a fashion staple.

Rugby Shirt Features

As previously mentioned the rugby shirt has two main features: the downward facing collar with a v-neckline, and the long sleeves. However, there are other features of this shirt as well such as the unique designs. The collar adds a stylish touch to the shirt and is a reference back to the original rugby shirts as well. The longer sleeves allow for the shirt to be worn during the cooler temperatures while not composing any of the shoulder and arm movement. Lastly, this feature is often overlooked, but it's undeniable to say that the unique designs that can be found on the rugby shirts just adds to the general appeal of owning a shirt of this kind.

Materials Used

The main materials used in the production of the rugby shirt is a high-quality blend of cotton and polyester. The cotton in this shirt allows for the designs to be vibrant while not ruining the materials. Furthermore, the cotton is responsible for the durability that the shirt has along with the soft wand warm, comfortable feeling it provides. The polyester in this shirt reinforces the durability while also giving the shirt a light form of water resistance.

How to Care

Marbek will provide proper care instructions alongside the item that was shipped; this helps ease any concerns of how to properly clean and maintain your shirt. Washing machine instructions: wash the shirt inside-out with a light amount of laundry detergent, use a delicate spin cycle with cold water. The drying instructions are the following: hang up your rugby shirt in a cool area to air dry for a few hours, the shirt should be placed in a cool area. Avoiding the dryer is key to preserving the vibrant colours of the shirt along with preventing shrinkage.


The unisex rugby shirt is an ideal addition for any man or women who enjoy the natural look of the original rugby shirt but crave that fashionable twist. The varying sizes will allow for anyone to find their perfect shirt.