Unisex Short-Sleeve Tops

The unisex short-sleeved top has been a staple in casual wear for decades. Men and women alike have worn this shirt during any weather condition and for most events. The unisex aspect of this shirt style allows for any gender to wear it comfortably without the worry of being too form-fitting while not being too boxy either. The man material used in the shirt style is cotton – which allows for a more durable shirt that’s comfortable enough to wear as a form of loungewear or daily wear if desired. The key features of this shirt style are its loose, short sleeves with allows for proper shoulder and arm movement, along with a rounded collar that doesn’t sit too low on the neck.

The Marbek unisex short-sleeved top comes in an array of sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. The provided sizes allow for everyone to find a flattering fitting shirt. Extra attention should be placed towards the sizing guide to ensure the correct unisex size is chosen before purchase.

History of the Short-Sleeve Shirt

Although the use of the shirt-sleeve shirt has been around for decades, it wasn’t until the golden era of tailoring, which occurred sometime during the 19th century, in which it was given its proper, and famously known, design and shape. Tailors of the era begun to stray away from the previous design of having this undergarment feature a fixed and fitted shirt collar, a plain and basic colour which typically was white. Instead, they opted to make the collar looser fitting, yet not too low, and begun offering the shirt in an array of colours which was popular among labourers who wanted apparel that had more personality to it.

Within the following decades of the golden era of tailoring, the short sleeve shirt has seen its fair share of modifications: some were created with a fixed collar and buttons, while other were give a lower V-neck collar. These modifications, alongside the original and basic short-sleeve shirt, became universally popular among men and women alike and were being incorporated in a multitude of ways. It was used as loungewear, pyjamas, and casual daily wear that could be worn alone or with additional layering.

Short-sleeve Shirt Features

The most notable feature of the short sleeve shirt is the sleeves themselves. The sleeves of this shirt are loose fitting enough to allow for ample flexibility and movement of the shoulders and arms. Which is quite popular seeming how these shirts were originally used and worn by workers in the hard labour force. The other key feature of the short sleeve shirt is the rounded collar that sits comfortably on the neck.

Materials Used

As previously mentioned the main material used in the production of the Marbek unisex short-sleeve top is cotton. The material has a history of being dubbed as extremely durable, comfortable, lightweight and breathable. This is the ideal material for these shirt styles as it allows for constant usage for a multitude of activities, or daily lounging, without the worry of over-heating, wear and tear or the elasticity fading.

How to Care

Caring for your short-sleeve shirt is a relatively easy process that does not take too much time or effort. Like all Marbek purchases, specific care instructions will be provided to ensure that the shirt is properly taken care of. If hand washed, turn the shirt inside out and soak in a container of cool water with a light amount of laundry detergent mixed in. Once cleaned and rinsed, hand the shirt up in a cool area to air dry for a few hours. Machine washing instruments are the following: use a normal cycle with cool water and wash the shirt inside out. Once finished, dry using the drying methods that follow the hand washing technique.


The Marbek unisex short-sleeve shirt is a classic look that flatters any man or women who desire to wear it. It can be layered, or simply worn alone, which allows for more diversity and personal preference while matching the shirt with outfits.