Unisex Sleeveless Top

During the summer, it is not uncommon to see many men and women sporting sleeveless tops.  Known for its ability to make any outfit look more unique, it has become more in style over the last few decades. As the name suggests, the sleeveless top lacks any form of proper sleeves, giving it the appearance of a tank-top with slightly wider arm holes. The tops are crafted with 100% cotton which promises the buyer a comfortable fitting top that will long lasting and durable. One of the main appeals of the Marbek sleeveless tops are its rounded collars and fitted arm holes, which doesn’t allow for any area of the chest or side to be overexposed. The sleeveless top key features are the obvious lack of sleeves, rounded collar, and unisex fit.

The Marbek unisex sleeveless top is offered in an array of sizes for men and women: extra-small, small, medium, and large. These sizes will allow for anyone to find a correctly fitted top. However, refer back to the Marbek sizing guide to make sure that the proper size is selected.

History of the Sleeveless Top

The sleeveless tops can be traced back to the 1800’s when gymnastics were gaining in popularity. Many gymnasts began wearing tops that lacked sleeves to maximise the movement and flexibility needed for this sport. Since then, many designers have used the trend of creating sleeveless tops for labourers and those who reside in areas that were typically warmer – as the lack of having sleeves allowed for ample breathability and a more lightweight top material. This practice was typically seen in Southern Italy in the mid-1940’s. Though, in the Western world, the sleeveless top was used in a different manner. Many men who wanted to give off the aura of being a “bad boy” sported this top style in America.

Like many other fashion trends, Hollywood picked up on the sleeves short and began the process of incorporating it into its modern cinema and television shows. Popular actors such as John Travolta popularized this outerwear and many everyday people began sporting it as well. It does go without saying. Eventually, the sleeveless top was upgraded and changed so that women could wear it comfortably as well. The main change was changing the looseness of the arm hole to allow female wearers the opportunity to wear the top without having to expose too much of their chest and torso region.

Sleeveless Top Features

As stated above, the key features of the Marbek sleeveless top are its lack of sleeves, rounded top collar, and the unisex fit. The lack of sleeves allows for more breathability and a lightweight feeling, which is essential to anyone who is trying to stay cool during the hot summer days. The rounded top collars add extra protection for any man or women who do not wish to expose their chest or any part of their upper torso. The last feature is the unisex fit of the top, which can easily flatter any man or woman’s shape without it being too form fitting.

Materials Used

The main material used in the production of this top is cotton. Cotton has been used in a variety of men’s and women’s apparel for decades due to various forms of functionality that it can provide. The cotton used is extremely durable, soft, and flexible, which increases the overall appeal of the sleeves top for summer outerwear.

How to Care

Caring for your sleeveless top is a simple process that if done correctly, can help the top last for years upon continuous wear. With all Marbek purchases, care instructions will be provided to allow ease with this process. If machine washed: turn the top inside out before placing it in a normal washing cycle with cold water to allow for a thorough cleaning. Once finished with the washing step, the top can be hung up to air dry for a few hours to prevent any colour fading that can happen in the tumble dryer.


The Marbek unisex sleeveless top is a perfect top to consider wearing during the warm summer months. It can be layered or worn alone and provides the protection needed against the heat while not sacrificing the breathability.