Unisex T-Shirts

Once the weather begins to either get warmer or cooler, the Marbek unisex T-shirt is one that will flatter and properly fit any man or women who choose to wear it. One of the key things that makes the unisex t-shirt stand out is its lack of a gender-specific sizing that comes with other forms of apparel. Typically, men’s t-shirts come in “straight seizes”, while women’s come in a style called the “fitted cut”. The t-shirt is crafted from the finest 100% cotton to ensure the wearer will get a comfortable feeling piece of apparel that won’t shrink or get damaged through constant usage. The Marbek unisex t-shirt will come in a variation of styles and designs which will allow anyone – man or women, the equal opportunity to find a casual t-shirt to wear and lounge in.

The unisex t-shirt will come in an array of sizes ranging from extra-small, small, medium, and large. Which will allow many men and women to find their perfect and flattering fit. It is heavily recommended that before purchasing – the sizing guide should be studied to avoid buying an incorrectly sized shirt.

History of the T-Shirt

The t-shirt is one of the most famously known and popular pieces of apparel that has been around for decades. While it comes in a large array of colours and designs – everyone can find their own perfect t-shirt which meets their own personal aesthetic. Originating in the 17th century, the t-shirt, which was called another name originally, was considered to be an item that was worn under other clothes, it was extremely popular among Victorian-era women and men who worked as labourers. However, as time went on, many designers began experimenting with the t-shirt material to see if they could find a possible way to give it stretching abilities, thus, promoting the final creation of a shirt that could be pulled over one’s head without ruining the collar of the shirt.

Although the intimal creation was a success, many people refused to wear these pullovers in their day to day lives, some places even illegalised the act, stating that it was too inappropriate. This, however, did not last as more companies began making these classic “undershirts” and reinvented them so the material would be denser and more appropriate for daily wear. It would not be until near the time that WWII began, the t-shirt would become commonplace and casually worn amongst men, at first. In the following decades, women soon followed suit in wearing this comfortable, casual, and stylish apparel, which begun the quick popularisation of the t-shirt worldwide.  

Unisex T-Shirt Features

One of the key features in a unisex t-shirt is its unique sizing. It does not follow typical male straight sizes nor female fitted sizes. Instead, the sizes are based more off generalised chest measurements. Another feature of the t-shirt is it relaxed and lightweight feeling. While the t-shirt can be worn alone, or under additional layers of clothing, the craftsmanship of it allows for any wearer to wear it in any way they choose.

Materials Used

The main material used in any production of the t-shirt is 100% cotton. This allows for the material to be a multitude of things: breathable, lightweight, flexible, opaque, and extremely durable. This cotton will give off the appearance of having a smoother looking t-shirt while not sacrificing any of the comfortability and durability. Using cotton as the base of the t-shirt also ensures that the material will not fall victim to common wear and tear after constant wear and washing.

How to Care

Caring for your t-shirt can be a simple and easy task, and if done correctly, can increase the lifespan of the apparel. Marbek provides detailed care instruction with every purchase to help with the process.  When using a washing machine, the t-shirt should be washed on a normal cycle using a cold-water temperature and a light amount of laundry detergent. The recommended method of drying is to hang the appeal in a cool and open area to prevent shrinkage that could happen while using a tumble dryer.


The Marbek classic unisex t-shirt is an item that every man and women should consider adding to their closets. It can be worn alone, or with additional layers, which makes it the perfect daily t-shirt for anyone who is looking for a durable and comfortable shirt.