Untold EP


As the world surrounding music and fashion becomes further intertwined, Marbek embark on a quest to tell of ‘Untold Journeys’.

With fashion and street culture being at the heart of the Marbek ethos, the marriage of music in to their realm is a beautiful one. Their edgy design flare captures perfectly the bold and unapologetic street culture while remaining provocative and independent. Their execution on design, appeals to the brave and spirited whilst maintaining a sense of calm and class at its core.

The perfect soundtrack for a combined statement of a generation’s rebellion, Marbek present a collaborative E.P with a selection of the most bold and edgy grime musicians. The cultures have grown alongside each other for over a decade. With their roots firmly set in an oppressed and frustrated place, both have flourished and bloomed, finding their voice through a generation that use music and fashion to express themselves and make statements.

The first taste of the union comes from Boy Better Know’s Frisco with the Rude Kid produced ‘Garn Again’. Featuring flashes of the latest capsule from Marbek, the video captures the raw edge of fashion and places it against the energy and bass of the record.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncXpUAaAt8M