Women’s Biker Jacket

The biker jacket has been a staple item that’s been featured throughout the decades. The unique and slick look of it adds to the general overall appeal of the jacket for many women. The Marbek women’s biker jacket promises to give any women who decide to wear it that same feeling along with an added luxurious comfort as well. The jacket is crafted with the finest 100% lambskin leather outer shell combined with a 100% nylon body lining and 100% polyester sleeve lining. Furthermore, the stylish design of the jacket: the two-front deep zipped pockets, soft internal padding, front centred body zipper, and slim fit, add to the overall aesthetics of the “bad girl”.

The Marbek women’s leather jacket comes in a variety of sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. These sizes vary enough that all women can find a sleek and stylish biker jacket that fits them perfectly. It is recommended that close attention is paid to the Marbek sizing guide due to the jacket being slim fitting.

History of the Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a spinoff off of the original leather jacket. As a brief rundown, the leather jacket was created around the early 1900’s for the usage of fighter pilots and military personnel overall. It gained popularity amongst the military for its ability to insulate heat even while in colder altitudes and temperatures. The materials that were originally used in the later jacket were sheepskin, buckskin, and lambskin. However, all these materials are still used in the creation of today’s leather jackets and their spinoff variations – though each material provides a different look, heaviness, and overall feel.

It would not be until 1928 when the first design of the biker jacket would be created. With the idea of biking functionality and durability in mind – changes from the original leather jacket to become the currently known biker jacket began. The biker jacket sported a diagonal zipper which aided in the prevention of wind flowing through the jacket, a more cropped and snug slim-fit, deeper D-shaped pockets for personal item storage, and two lapels hat were crafter to connect to one another. Since the new upgraded look of the jacket, musical groups, such as The Beatles, begun sporting it, thus leading to its rising popularity among women and men across the globe.

Biker Jacket Features

Although originally created for the use of having a protective layer while riding a motorcycle, the biker jacket has had some new features added so it can be worn as an everyday jacket for women who want to look stylish and cool despite the cold weather outdoors.  One key feature is the front body zipper that prevents any wind or coolness from passing through the jacket. This, along with the two-front deep D-shaped pockets, internal padding, and slim fit, makes the Marbek biker jacket a unique and modern addition that can be added to any closet.

Materials Used

As mentioned before, the biker jacket is crafted a 100% lambskin leather outer shell combined with a 100% nylon body lining and 100% polyester sleeve lining, and inner padding, all in which adds to the promised utility and durability of the jacket. The outer shell provides a sleek look while the inner nylon body allows for more flexibility for the wearer. While the sleeve lining and inner padding is an added measure to aid in the heat insulation.

How to Care the Marbek Women’s Biker Jacket

With all Marbek purchases – care instructions will be provided to help ensure the longevity and durability of the jacket. If spot treatment is needed, use a mixture of warm water, and dish soap will be enough to treat any potential stains. After cleaning, use a towel to dry the outer shell before hanging the jacket to dry thoroughly. If machine washed, use a delicate washing cycle with cold water and a small amount of laundry detergent. When finished, towel dry the outer shell before hanging to air dry in a cool area.


The Marbek women’s biker jacket is a vital addition to any women’s wardrobe. It allows for a cool and sleek look that classic, timeless, and is durable enough to last throughout any weather condition.