Women’s Cropped Bomber by Marbek – Buy Online – Next Day Delivery

No matter the season: the warm spring, the cool summer nights, the chilling fall, or the freezing winter, any women can look stylish and luxurious while wearing the Marbek women’s cropped bomber jacket. The bomber has been created to flatter and fit any women’s silhouette and can be paired with any outfit combination. Marbek uses high-quality materials that are made to be durable to last throughout any season while also preventing the common wear and tear issues; these materials are the following: a blend of wool and leather, silk, satin and gauze. The bomber features a single row of buttons down the front, unique zippers, and a cropped hem that is made to create the illusion of a curvier figure. Each one of these features aids in the bomber over aesthetic to appeal to a large array of women who are looking for a seasonal and durable piece of clothing.

The Marbek Bomber jacket comes in a variety of sizes: small, medium, and large. These sizes ensure that any potential buyer that they will find a well-fitting and comfortable jacket that will still flatter the women’s shape.

History of the Cropped Bomber

Although in today’s time, the cropped bomber jacket is seen as a fashion statement – the history of this jacket shows the other uses this jacket has had. In 1932, the first bomber jacket was beginning its process of being crafted for flight usage. Many men in the U.S Army Air Corps used this jacket for its durability and warmth, which was created from the thick leather material that was used, along with the unique cuff style that was made to be fitted around the wearer's wrists and waist to keep the jacket secure. Even though this jacket was suitable for a few years, pilots began yearning for a new jacket style that had the same abilities but lessened the bulk.

Thus, leading to a new and upgraded version of the jacket being created. This version featured a more flexible outer shell crafted from cotton, which was later replaced by nylon, a newly fitted collar that aided in warmth, and zipped pockets that added for more personal use for the wearer. Nowadays, the bomber jacket keeps its classic look, but a few key changes were made, such as some jackets featuring buttons instead of zippers, deeper and zipped pockets, knitted cuffs, hems, and collars, and the jacket is now made with a variety of colours as well.

Cropped Bomber Features

One of the unique things about the cropped bomber is that the jacket itself stops a few inches before the wearer's natural waist – giving the look of having a curvier figure. The Marbek cropped bomber features two zippers on each side of the jacket along with being lined with a row of single buttons down the middle of the jacket. This jacket also has knitted cuffs, collar, and hem to aid in the warmth that is created by the jacket.

Materials Used

As stated previously, the Marbek cropped bomber jacket uses a blend of wool and leather that provides the intense durability and warmth that is desired in a seasonal jacket.  Some of the other materials: silk, stain, and gauze, aids in the jacket being able to give a luxurious and comfortable feeling to the wearer that allows them to layer under the jacket or wear it with a simple, revealing top.

How to Care

Each purchase comes with care instructions that should be properly followed to ensure the longevity and durability of the jacket. If the jacket has a stain, it is recommended to hand wash it with a teaspoon of laundry detergent with cold water until the jacket is clean. Then for drying, the jacket should be hung up to air dry to avoid any shrinkage or damaging certain materials used in the jacket that can wear on its durability abilities. If needed, during a machine wash the jacket should be set to a delicate setting and on the coldest temperature. When finished, the jacket should still be air dried unless using a proper tumble dryer.


The Marbek cropped bomber is a clothing addition that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Its stylish, comfortable, warm, and can we worm with a vast array of outfits that are suitable for any occasion.