Women’s Cropped Coach Jackets

The modern coach jacket is a staple in today’s streetwear, despite it originating as a sportswear jacket. This jacket can be worn throughout the seasons and allows for additional layering, which is perfect for women who plan to wear this jacket during the fall and winter. The cropped fit of this jacket allows for many women to have a flatting fit that empathizes their curves while allowing for a slimming like illusion. This jacket is crafted from high-quality nylon and features a single row of buttons that are centred in the front of the jacket, two deep pockets that allow for storage of personal items, ad drawstrings among the hem of the jacket that allows the ability to adjust the tightness of the cropped fit. This jacket gives the wearer a luxurious feeling and look that can be paired with any outfit and worn for most occasions.

The Marbek women’s cropped jacket comes in a variety of sizes ranging from extra-small, small, medium, and large. This allows for all women to be able to enjoy a comfortable fitting jacket that can be adjusted to properly fit their frame.

History of the Cropped Coach Jacket

In the 1970’s the coach jacket began to surface in the western world as an informal piece of outdoor wear. However, many athletic directors, such as coaches, started sporting this jacket during games. It was crafted to ensure warmth, comfortability, and durability against the elements: harsh rain and strong winds. It gained popularity for these features, along with its ability to be breathable and extremely lightweight as well.

Around the 90’s, the coach jacket was beginning to be seen as a comfortable and fashionable jacket alongside it functionality. Many sports team’s players begun to sport this jacket alongside their coaches when travelling and prepping for a game. However, the jacket was starting to be featured in modern cinema as well as a casual streetwear attire that can we worn with almost everything no matter the temperature outside. However, as women begun to see the jacket as a fashion statement, different variations and stylistic changes were made to the jacket, which led to the creation of the cropped coach jacket.

Cropped Coach Jacket Features

Undeniably, one of the key features that have attracted many women to the cropped coach jacket is its cropped hem that stops right above the natural waistline. Unlike other jackets that stop on the waist -the cropped fit allows for women to have a more feminine feeling while wearing the jacket. Another one of its key features is the jackets are the adjustable drawstrings that are attached to the hem. This allows for wearers to tighten the jacket around the hem with ensues no extra wind or rain can get it. The jacket also has a simple yet stylish single row of buttons in the front, along with two deep pockets to store personal items.

Materials Used

The main material used in the creation of the cropped coach jacket is nylon. This material allows for the jacket to be lightweight, elastic, and flexible with helps with the overall comfortability and durability of the jacket. Nylon can also help in the jacket having some water-resistant abilities as well, which can come particularly in handy when it's constantly raining outside.

How to Care

With the purchase of this jacket, care instructions are provided and should be followed to expand the longevity and durability of the jacket. When a single spot needs to be treated, hand washing is recommended. For this, soak the jacket in cold water with a small amount of laundry detergent and clean the spots as needed. Once finished, rinse the jacket of any excise soap before hanging to air dry. If a machine wash is needed, the jacket should be inside out and set on a delicate washing setting with cold temperature setting. When it comes to drying, the jacket can be hug to air dry if desired or put in a tumble dryer on a low heat setting.


The Marbek cropped coach jacket is a staple item that’s needed in any women’s wardrobe. It has a vast history of being worn as a stylish and functional outdoor jacket – and has the ability to be better adjusted for a personal and flattering fit.