Women’s Cropped Denim Jackets

The cropped denim jacket is a classic piece that has been featured throughout the decades. It’s perfect for those warmer spring and summer days when some women are looking for a nice addition to her outfit that won’t cause overheating and isn’t bulky. The cropped fit of the jacket allows for a nice and flattering fit that every woman desires in a jacket. The cropped denim jacket is crafted from high-quality denim that is durable, lightweight, breathable, and extremely comfortable. The jacket also features a few stylish touches as well: steel buttons, two pockets on the front of the jacket, and a modern cotton threading. This stylish piece is made to appeal to an array of women who love the classic denim jacket look that can match with almost every outfit.

The cropped denim jacket comes in a large array of sizes, such as extra-small, small, medium, and large. Thus, providing many women with the opportunity to find a denim jacket that will last them for many seasons while giving them that sought-after flattering fit.

History of the Cropped Denim Jacket

The denim jacket has a long history that shows the many uses that the jacket was originally created for. For starters, in the late 1800’s the first denim jacket was created by Levi Strauss for labourers who needed the extra protective layering while working. The jacket was extremely durable and had the ability to prevent wear and tear from happening for years. This jacket had the basic design that was kept thought out the decades: front facing pockets, a collar, a single row of buttons on the front middle of the jacket, and adjustable cuffs.

However, the functionality of the jacket begun to change when the everyday person began to use the jacket as a stylish addition to combine with an outfit. Around 1961, popular female icons, such as Marilyn Monroe begun to sport the denim jacket look, which prompted many women to follow suit, especially models who wanted to capture the cool and nifty look that came with wearing the jacket. Since then many modern women still wear and use the denim jacket as a fashion statement.

Cropped Denim Jacket Features

The denim jacket has a new key feature that provides the fashionable and durability that women desire. Starting off, the cropped hem of the jacket is crafted to stop a few inches above the women’s natural waist, which aids in the illusion of a curvier yet slimming figure. Moreover, the simplistic design of the jacket allows for more flexibility for it to be worn with a multitude of outfits as well. The design of the jacket includes a single row of buttons that is aligned down the front middle of the jacket, two pockets on each side of the jacket, and comfortable and adjustable cuffs that be rolled up if desired.

Materials Used

As stated before, the Marbek cropped denim jacket is crafted from high-quality denim that is breathable, lightweight, and extremely durable.  Due to the natural blue-lavender colour that is found in denim, the denim jacket has a naturally cool mid-dark blue colour that is flattering for an array of matching colours. The cotton threading is mainly added for aesthetic reasons; however, it also adds to the overall durability and prevention of common wear and tear.

How to Care

Each product is shipped with care instructions that should be followed thoroughly to prevent any of the materials being damaged. If the jacket needed to be treated for spot cleaning, then it should be hand washed in cold water with a teaspoon of laundry detergent. Then it should be hung up to air dry to prevent erosion of colour. If needed, the denim jacket should be machine washed in a delicate setting with a cold temperature. For drying, it should not be tumbled dried as it can cause shrinkage or fading of colours. Instead, air dry the jacket in an open area for a few hours to ensure that the jacket has been dried fully.


The Marbek cropped denim jacket for women is essential to have during the warmer spring and summer days as a charming finishing piece to any stylish outfit combination. From the easily matched and simple design to the durable and lightweight feeling – this jacket is the perfect addition for any women’s closet.