Women’s Denim Jackets

The denim jacket has been a staple item that is commonly found in most women’s spring and summer wardrobes. The Marbek denim jacket is a lightweight piece of apparel that can complement any outfit combination. The jacket is lightweight, stylish, and offers a classic look along with multiple features that are ideal for any women. The main material used in the jacket is 100% denim, which helps the material stay durable and extremely comfortable for the wearers, no matter how many times it's worn. Some of the key features in the jacket are the flattering slim-fit design that is made to enhance the women’s natural curves, the steel buttons that are centred down the front of the jacket, two front facing pockets on both sides, and a stylish cotton threading that adds the perfect finishing touch.

Similar to many other Marbek products, the women’s denim jacket comes in a variety of sizes ranging from extra-small, small, medium, and large. Thus, allowing every woman the opportunity to find the perfect proper fitting jacket.

History of the Denim Jacket

Denim has always been used throughout history for multitudes of apparel. Although originally made to be worn by men, denim has had a steady increase in popularity amongst women. It was during the late 1800’s that the denim jacket made its first appearance in the western world. It was created by Levi Strauss and was intended to be worn by labourers as a protective layer that was lightweight and breathable against the summer sun. Due to the jacket being made entirely out of denim, it was highly durable and prevented against easy wear and tear when it was worn daily. One of the main appeals of the denim jacket was it simplistic yet functional design, which included: a single row of buttons aligned on the front, two front facing pockets, cuffs that could be easily adjusted, and a downwards facing collar.

Unsurprisingly, the jacket started to become more popular amongst the general public as more people started sporting the jacket as a fashionable piece of apparel. Especially considering around the time of the creation of the denim jacket – it was beginning to become more associated with the classic cowgirl look.  Many women alike sought after this new and daring look. It wasn’t until the 1960’s though, where famous icons such as Marilyn Monroe begun wearing denim jackets that the craze and popularity for this apparel started to reach across the United States and beyond.

Denim Jacket Features

Although many women desire a stylish jacket – they crave durability and functionality as well. As previously states, the Marbek denim jacket has a few key features: the emphasised slim fit design, the steel buttons, two front pockets that are located on both sides of the jacket, along with a cotton threading. Firstly, the slim fit design is essential for any women who dislike the overly baggy and unflattering jacket look, while the steel buttons are functional, so the jacket can be closed if desired. Furthermore, the pockets are deep enough that the storage of personal items, such as keys, will be available. The cotton threading, however, adds that final stylistic touch while allowing for increased durability of the entire jacket.

Materials Used

The main material used in the jacket is high-quality denim. This denim allows for ample flexibility, so the jacket will never feel stiff while not sacrificing any of the durability against wear and tear that can come with constant usage. An interesting fact to note is since that demon naturally comes in a deep blue-lavender colour, the jacket itself will have the same colour structure which allows it the ability to be matched with most spring and summer outfits.

How to Care

Proper care for your denim jacket is essential to avoid the colour of the jacket fading along with the denim not being damaged. Marbek ships care instructions for each specific product. If you opt to wash by machine, then use cold water and a small amount of laundry detergent. For the best drying results, hang the jacket up in a cool and open area to allow the jacket to thoroughly dry. This will also aid in the prevention of colour erasure.


The Marbek women’s denim jacket is essential in any women’s warm weather wardrobe. It can be the final finishing tough to any warm outfit while having the ability to last for the many springs and summers that will follow.