Women’s Sport Bra

The Marbek brand sports bra is designed to give the proper support needed for women who are doing athletics. They are sturdier than the typical bra while also providing the extra comfort needed so women will not feel any discomfort or issues during their workouts. Due to the variation of size, colours, and designs, all women of different sizes and preferences will be able to find a sports bra that fits them perfectly and matches their own personal style. The sports bra is crafted with high-quality materials that promise durability along with a classic and stylish design. Marbek is determined that all buyers will be given a high-quality sports bra that, unlike other brands, will not be overpriced. 

History of the Sport Bra

In the 1970’s, women were given more freedom to enjoy and participate in athletics, such as running and aerobic dancing. However, all women alike faced a similar issue, the sport itself was uncomfortable for many, since they did not have support for their breasts while they were running and dancing. Once 1977 arrived, a woman and her friend begun the process of creating a bra that was different than the traditional bra but could also be comfortable and helpful during their athletics. The creator originally used a polyester, cotton, and lycra fabric blend as the base materials for the sports bra. However, the traditional style of the everyday bra was used as the base for creating the sports bra.

Despite being an instant success among athletic women everywhere, there was still one core issue. It could not comfortably support women who were more endowed. Thus, prompting a newer version of the sports bra to be created. The improved version was released in 1992 with a few core changes: less elasticity, more compressions, and a more suitable material to avoid rashes forming due to sweat. The improvements did not end there. In 2011 instead of one of the sports bra being focused on elasticity, companies begun changing their focus to having an inelastic fabric added to the designing on the sports bra, which aided the support given to the wearer and added even more comfortability. Since then, the sports bra only core change has been the sizes offered and the new and unique designs to make them more enjoyable to wear for a variety of women.

Sports Bra Features

Similar to the modern sports bra, the Marbek sports bra has specialised in five key features to make it even more appealing for women to wear during their athletics. The specialities are focusing on cups and cup sizing, support, moisture-wicking fabrics, minimising chafing, while also being stylish in design.

Cups and Cup Sizing

Although cups and cup sizing if often overlooked and generalised, the Marbek brand focuses on the idea to make sure while being able to compress the wearer's breasts in a comfortable style, the wearer will also have each breast supported. This also will help the wearer have a more flattering shape while wearing the bra – it will create the illusion of having a longer torso instead of a wider one, which is a common occurrence with other sports bra. The sports bra will also aid in creating a more centralised balance while the wearer is doing their athletics.


Support is key in any sports bra; it is one of the details which can easily prove the worth of a sports bra. Without proper support, the wearer can risk stretching and straining the tissues around their breasts when doing athletics. However, this is not a concern with the Marbek brand. Due to the high-quality materials used in crafting the sports bra, no matter how intensive a workout may be, the wearer will have luxurious support and comfort.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

The importance of Marbek high-quality fabric could create the difference between having an enjoyable workout and an unenjoyable one. No matter the exercise women run the risk of sweating. Although the Marbek sports bra is crafted with moisture-wicking fabrics which will aid in the prevention of rashes forming due to the sweat and the compression.

Minimizing Chaffing

The high-quality fabrics are designed to be comfortable for the wearer in all aspects – which includes chaffing prevention. No matter how intensive the workout and how the sports bra rubs against the skin, the wearer will not experience any chaffing during or after their workout.

How to Select the Correct Sports Bra

Finding the correct size of a sports bra is vital for the wearer. Although the sizing may be simple, the wearer must take into consideration their measurements, more specifically their chest circumference. Marbek offers a sizing guide, measured in centimetres (cm) for a reliable and easy reference

Be certain to take your correct measurements and refer to the sizing guide before making the purchase.  The measuring tape should fit comfortably around the area being measured and should not be pulled too tight. Be sure to follow the correct procedure of inserting two fingers between the body and the tape to allow for adequate breathing room.

How to Care

Caring for your sports bra is vital in the longevity of the material. It is recommended to wash your sports bra immediately after your workout to aid in the prevention of odour buildup. If the wearer plans on washing the sports bra in the washing machine, it is recommended that it is washed on the cold temperature on the delicate setting. Once finished, lay your bra down to air dry to prevent stretching in any way. If the wearer prefers to hand wash the sports bra, then the steps are similar as to washing it via machine. Use cold water, a teaspoon of laundry detergent, and lay to air dry once finished. It is recommended to avoid using chlorine bleach on the sports bra. Following these steps will help your sports bra to stay durable.


The Marbek sports bra would be a purchase that won’t be regretted. With its high-quality materials and its many functions – it is something that any athletic women would want to add to her wardrobe. It will a long-lasting, durable and comfortable addition that will give the wearer a sense of style while she’s getting her daily dose of fitness in.