Women's activewear - Cropped tracksuit

The Marbek is the perfect addition for the active and everyday lifestyle. Created with software and comfort in mind, it brings together style and convenience into one. Whether spending time indoors or out, the Marbek Cropped Tracksuit for women offers solid construction, side pockets and an elasticated waistband. Buy yours today and enjoy superior craftsmanship.

Soon to be released – watch this space for our soon to be released Marbek Women’s Cropped Tracksuit.

History of the Cropped Tracksuit

The tracksuit was born out of necessity for athletes to use so they could remain warm in-between performances. The tracksuit is designed in two pieces that consist of pants and a jackpot that has a zippered front. The cropped tracksuit is most commonly used in sports and is worn over clothing for competition.

First introduced in the 80s and is taken from the original tracksuit design. This style of tracksuit is most popular with those that enjoy break dancing and hip-hop music. They are manufactured from polyester and cellulose triacetate to provide a shiny exterior. They offer a mesh interior so that users can wear with other undergarments and are waterproof coated with PVC or nylon.

While tracksuits have come and gone in the world of fashion, they made a comeback in the 90’s as a result of mainstream music. While initially made of cotton, the latest trend has seen tracksuits returning to earlier fabrics such as polyester. Their return has seen famous designers creating tracksuits for national teams as a sign of success. They continue to remain popular with the younger hip-hop scene and sports teams.

Women’s Cropped Tracksuit Features

The Marbek Women’s Cropped Tracksuit is made of a cotton stretch material to allow comfort and quality to be at the forefront of its construction. Available in a multitude of colours and sizes, it offers a drawstring pant and hooded jackpot for style.

How to Select the Right Pair of Women's Cropped Tracksuit

Selecting your cropped tracksuit really begins with your preference in colour. As tracksuits come in many styles and colours, choosing one that is attractive to you is what is most important. Start with considering your complexion and considering colours that will highlight your skin tones.

The next thing to consider of course is size. Tracksuits are not meant to be tight, so consider one that is one size larger than you may normally wear so as to allow room for undergarments such as t-shirts. The next to consider is the pant length as many will offer longer pant legs as a style option.

Then select the type of material the tracksuit is made of holds a degree of importance when it comes to comfort. Choose one that feels good against your skin and does not have any attributes that you may be allergic too. Finally, consider the different waist options. Some will offer a drawstring closure while others an elastic waist.

Next up is to select the waist. Some will sit higher than others, and some will be designed with a drawstring versus the elastic waistband. When making your choice, you should be able to sit, touch your toes and feel no straining in your waist area. The final step is to choose a colour or multiple colours and patterns that you find attractive. Remember to factor in sweating as some colours will show body sweat more than others.

How to Your Care for Your Women's Cropped Tracksuit

Tracksuits, much like other items of clothing that are made from a combination of materials should be cared for carefully. Washing with a mild detergent will prolong the life of your tracksuit and will decrease possible deterioration of its fibres. It is recommended that you hang to dry and avoid machine drying to avoid shrinkage. To dry, simply hang indoors or outdoors, but if choosing to dry outside, avoid direct sunlight.


While tracksuit popularity comes and go, they remain an essential must-have item for those who are active, and even those who are not. They are comfortable to wear, provide warmth on cooler nights or when sitting outdoors by a campfire or when relaxing after a long days work. Consider purchasing more than one as tracksuits are perfect for mixing and matching when attending a sporting event.