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Women’s Yoga Top by Marbek – Buy Online – Next Day Delivery

The Women’s Yoga top by Marbek is one of softness and comfort. Designed for the active women, its well-constructed design is made using the highest quality cotton to allow for you to remain cool and dry while enjoying yoga. The added stretch fabric will provide you with the ability to stretch and move without support issues and the multiple colours offered will keep you looking stylish and ready to hit the mat.

Soon to be released – watch this space for our soon to be released Women’s Yoga Top.

History of the Yoga Top

Yoga tops are a derivative from other women’s athletic tops. While the yoga top does not have a defining history, it is an essential part of active women’s wardrobe as it affords them the luxury to exercise without the worry of exposing areas otherwise preferred covered. Historically, yoga tops are made of cotton and incorporate other fabrics such as lycra, spandex and wool to provide the right degree of stretch while maintaining the level of comfort that makes practising yoga pleasant.

Yoga tops come in a variety of designs, with each offering their own special advantageous. This includes tops with closed backs to help absorb sweat to those with strapped backs, with sleeves, sleeveless and those with shoulder straps. The purposefully built top is meant to keep the wearer cool and generally is tight-fitting so as to avoid loose ends interfering in stretching and movement.

Yoga Top Features

The Marbek Yoga Top is designed with a scoop neckline and offers a closed back and low hemline. Made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, its length falls just below the hip so as to allow proper air circulation while affording comfort and dryness at the same time.

How to Select the Right Yoga Top

Selecting the right yoga top is for most a personal choice as there is not really a right or wrong top, only those that you like most and feel comfortable in. After all, if not comfortable when exercising, it quickly becomes a burden and less enjoyable. Select a top that fits you well, one that is tight fitting so as to allow you freedom of movement on the mat and when stretching. The top should provide you modest coverage and fall below the waist line so as to afford you some privacy as you carry out movements.

Another area to consider is the type of material. As yoga tops are produced in a variety of different fabrics, your choices are quite broad and include cotton, lycra, spandex and even wool. In addition to the material type, the top should allow space for your bras and let you easily layer other garments so you can remain warm during warm-up exercises.

How to Your Care for Your Yoga Top

When caring for your yoga top, do so in the same manner as you do other yoga garments. Use a mild detergent and avoid the use of fabric softeners. Asa general rule, wash your yoga tops, pants and vests inside out separately from other clothes and use half the usual recommended amount of soap. While you may be tempted to double up with the thought that it will eliminate odours, it will instead irritate due to the extra soap in the fibres of the material.

Avoid using the dryer after washing as it is recommended that you hang dry your yoga top. However, if stressed for time, the dryer will not destroy your top but use low-heat settings and dry for a maximum of 30 minutes separate from other clothing items as this will avoid fabric balls from forming.


Yoga tops are an essential part of the active yoga user’s wardrobe. They not only protect while stretching and moving but provide a level of comfort while engaging in exercising. Pairing with Marbek Yoga Vests and pants will complete your outfit and give you an attractive appearance as you head to the gym and perfect the art of yoga.