Women's activewear - Yoga Vest

The Marbek Yoga Vest is perfection, comfort and quality all in one. Built for ease of stretching and movement, its flattering fit will complement your yoga pants thanks to the tight fitting back. Designed for yoga, made from cotton, it is ideal for Pilates, barre and other stretching exercises. Oder yours today in a variety of colours and experience the Marbek difference

Soon to be released – watch this space for our soon to be released Women’s Yoga Vest.

Yoga Vest History

There is not really a defining moment in the history of the yoga vest. The style of yoga vest developed over time as a style of clothing for those who participate in the practice of yoga. The purpose of the vest is to provide a higher degree of comfort while executing the various stretching movements that are carried out while engaging in yoga. As the art is based on spiritual, mental and physical health, comfort allows for one to focus on the art, whether it be Buddhism styled yoga, Jainism or Hinduism yoga

Yoga vests have evolved over the years and are made using a combination of fabrics such as wool, cotton, lycra spandex, polyester and nylon. The purpose of these choices is to provide comfort and the ability to stretch without causing strain in the legs, crotch and waist. Today’s yoga vest have become for some a fashion statement and are offered in multiple colours and patterns. This is most prevalent with those who exercise regularity whether it is practising yoga, pilates or other activities that are meant for body, mind and soul.

Women’s Yoga Vest Features

The Marbek Women’s Yoga Vest has a variety of design features that are meant to increase the quality they provide you as you carry out your daily yoga regime. This includes the use of technology that sweat-wicking and soft fabrics that are engineered seamlessly for comfort and durability. The vest offers upper chest support with pads that are removable for hygienic purposes. Of course, the added highly stretchable fabric is perfect for yoga movements on the mat and the multiple available colours of perfect for those who are style conscious.

How to Select the Right Pair of Women's Yoga Vest

Picking out the tight yoga vest is much like selecting any other exercise garment. First on the list is choosing the right size. This is important as while performing yoga you are moving and sliding and therefore having the right vest that fits will provide you with the confidence that you will remain covered in all the appropriate areas.

The next step is to select a vest that affords the right amount of stretch. It is important that it is form fitting and will not move much when changing positions on the mat and also will provide you the right amount of support.

Make sure when selecting your vest that you factor in room for your bra. It should offer some separation between the breasts and therefore purchase a vest that has this built in will save you a lot of stress when heading to yoga class. The final step is to decide if you want a longer vest or one that falls closer to the mid-riff area, while both offer their own advantages, you may want to consider one of each as this will give you the options you desire down the road depending on the climate you are exercising in.

How to Your Care for Your Women's Yoga Vest

To look after your yoga vest, it is recommended to wash in hot water. Avoid using any bleaches and never send to the dry cleaners. Washing with a mild soap using a normal cycle is best. Once washed, put in the dryer at a low setting and dry for twenty minutes or more.


Yoga vests are an essential part of any women’s yoga outfit. They provide the comfort needed to be effective in the execution of yoga movements and stretching and are easy to care for, which is exactly what the active women needs and looks for in a day where time demands never seem to stop. Available in many complementing colours, fabrics and styles, yoga vests are a fashion statement and well as an essential.