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The Marbek Women’s leather jacket is the epitome of a luxurious jacket that’s properly made for the colder seasons. The leather jacket is crafted to give any women who wear it a sleek, stylish, and durable jacket that promises to keep them warm against the harshest elements. The jacket is made to give a flattering and natural fit that will appeal to a multitude of women. The jacket is catered from a high-quality mix of materials: 100% lambskin for the outer shell with a 100% nylon body lining and 100% polyester sleeve lining. These materials ensue a long-lasting lifespan for the jacket. This jacket also includes a front body zipper, two deep zipped pockets, along with a soft padded interior to insulate warmth.

The Marbek leather jacket comes in the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. This allows for women of varying shapes and sizes the ability to find a properly fitting jacket that’s perfect for the winter weather.

History of the Leather Jacket

The leather jacket first made its appearance in the early 1900’s as it was commonly used by German fighter pilots. It was well-known for its heat insulating abilities and intense durability against harsh winds and other weather inclement. Which then led to other militaries, such as the Russian and United States, to begin adding this jacket as military apparel. Traditionally, it was crafted from an array of animal hides: sheepskin, buckskin, and lambskin. However, as the decades of reinventing and design of this jacket – many designs came to the conclusion that lambskin was the best material if the jacket was meant to be lightweight alongside its other features.

Once the 1920’s came around, the leather jacket began to stray away from being a military personnel piece of apparel to a piece of clothing that the everyday person could wear, which prompted the beginning of the jacket design change. The new design of the jacket featured a full body length zipper on the front, and the cut of the jacket ended at the person’s natural waistline. Since the design changes, Hollywood took notice of the jacket and begun to incorporate it into its movies, which helped the jacket gain more popularity among men and women alike.

Leather Jacket Features

The women’s Marbek leather jacket is carefully constructed to ensure full durability, style, warmth, and comfort for whoever is wearing it. One key feature that Marbek offers is the slick outer shell which adds a unique and modern touch to the leather jacket. Another one of the features is the full body frontal zipper which prevents the elements from getting inside the jacket, along with two deep zipper sealed pockets that allow for personal storage. This leather jacket’s soft padded interior helps keep insulation sealed while the jacket is being worn.

Materials Used

As mentioned before, the Marbek women’s leather jacket uses only high-quality materials. The outer shell is crafted from 100% lambskin, which aids in the shell giving a sleek appearance while also being lightweight and keeping warmth where it is needed. While the inside of the jacket is made from 100% nylon to help towards insulating warmth, that same lining is in place to allow for internal flexibility to combats stiffness from occurring. Lastly, the 100% polyester sleeve lining ensues warm comfortability and warmth no matter what weather inclement that is occurring outdoors.

How to Care

The Marbek leather jacket comes with care instructions that if followed correctly, will increase the lifespan of the jacket and keep it looking as new as the first time wearing it. Firstly, if doing spot treatment, use a mixture of warm water and dish soap to treat the outer shell. Once finished, hang the jacket in a cool and open area to air dry for a few hours. This process can help keep the jacket from stiffening. However, if needed, machine wash instructions are the following: delicate wash setting, cool water temperature, and a small amount of laundry detergent. The drying instructions are the following: pat the outer shell dry with a towel, then leave to air dry in a cool area for a few hours. 


The Marbek women’s leather jacket has a classic and sleek look that is perfect for any occasion, along with the desired ability to be able to wear additional layers under it. It’s an incredible addition to any women’s winter wardrobe.